There will always be a need for animal rescue shelter as more and more people discard their pets especially in bad economic times. Discarding a pet is often the first economy when a family budget is pressed. Other pets are unwanted presents and gifts and are thrown out to fend for themselves. You may feel there is a need a need for an animal rescue shelter in your area. Below we have some tips on how to start a rescue shelter.

1, Stop and think. Is this something you really want to do? You’ll be letting yourself in for considerable commitment and for a long time. Please consider carefully before making a final decision.

2, Do lots of research, you need to know exactly what is involved in running a shelter. Speak to people who have run or running an animal rescue shelter.  It might be an idea to volunteer at an animal shelter to get some hands on experience so you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for.

3, You’ll need to speak to a lawyer to understand the legal implication of starting an animal rescue shelter.

4, Now comes the time to decide on what kind of animal rescue shelter you want to start. Do you want to specialize in dog or cats, or will you be sheltering all kinds of pets.

5, Next you’ll need to write up a mission statement. This is a document that sets out your aims, goals and ambitions for the future. You may need to write the mission statement with the help of a lawyer to ensure the legalities are observed.

6, Find suitable premises and make sure there is room for future expansion.

7, Raise initial funds by arranging garage sales and consider radio, television appeals and press statements. The more initial publicity you get the better.

8. Finally enjoy yourself.  Setting up an animal rescue will have it tribulations but the rewards may make the whole enterprise worthwhile for you, the animals your rescue, and your local community.


Dogs are great pets for a lot of families in the United States. One thing to consider; however, if you plan to get a dog as a pet, is choosing the right breed of dog for you and your family. Once you’ve chosen a breed of dog, you will want to add, or inquire about “dog bite insurance,” with your insurance carrier. Especially if you adopt a dog that many homeowners insurance companies deem to be dangerous and exclude from your insurance policy.

There are many breeds of dogs to choose from, and like humans; each dog will have his own personality. Each breed has specific traits that are common to see throughout the entire breed. It is these traits that need to be studied before making a decision on which breed of dog you want to bring into your home, and before you take out a dog bite insurance policy.

A list of the top 5, most notable dog breeds known for being excluded from homeowner’s insurance policies are:

  • Pit Bulls – One of the most beloved dogs also has the worst reputation with insurance carriers.  Some states, like Maryland are now requiring all Pit Bull owners to carry dog bite insurance.
  • Rottweiler’s — Commonly used as guard dogs because of their aggressive nature; Rottweilers can also be used for other duties; such as, search and rescue, guide dogs for the blind, and police dogs.
  • German Shepherds — German Shepherds have strong jaws. If trained well, they can be good dogs that are obedient and protect the family.
  • Doberman Pinschers — Dobermans are strong, muscular dogs with a lot of energy. They have been used as guard dogs for many years because they’re strong and fearless.
  • Boxers — Boxers are generally good-natured. They make good family pets; however, they are protective, and they are strong.

Any dog or beloved pet has the potential to bite, if they are put in situations that cause fear.  Protect yourself and your family today by being proactive and check with your homeowner’s insurance agent to see if there are any dog exclusions on your insurance policy.  If there are, contact an agent that specializes in providing insurance protection for all dogs.



TAFA Update

July 29, 2010

Dad and Theresa had a great time at the TAFA Conference, they even sent me a video message this past weekend!  Check out my facebook page to see what they had to say about Lobby Day.

I was talking with Dad the other day about the Taking Action For Animals Conference he will be attending with Theresa in DC July 23rd-26th.  He is so pumped about this.  He said that the conference will have animal protection advocates from all over the place coming together in DC to pull resources, connect and advocate for the protection of our animal friends.  Theresa and he are looking forward to meeting and networking with people like you, so if you are in DC for the TAFA Conference, stop by the AWOIP (Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program) booth or look for Brian and Theresa at the sessions.   I can’t wait to hear what Dad brings back to share with me.