The most important service an animal shelter or rescue provides their local communities is matching animals with the perfect forever home and family. Sometimes adopting families are not readily available. And sometimes the animals need to be reintroduced to loving home and family. Both of these require time – time to find the perfect family and time for the animal to readjust to a safe and comfortable life. Animal shelters and rescues rely on foster homes to provide the animal in need with the care and environment they need.

It is important for the animal shelter or rescue to recruit caring and loving foster parents capable of providing this care. Where do you start? How do you know they will make amazing foster parents? Use this checklist to select the best foster parents.

What to do

  • Require a foster home application.
  • Conduct an in-person or over the phone interview.
  • Visit the home.
  • Require a foster agreement.
  • Conduct a background check.
  • Conduct a foster parent orientation and training.

Questions to ask

  • How long can they commit to fostering?
  • How many hours do they spend away from their home daily?
  • Where do they live?
  • What does their property consist of? Is there a yard? Is there a fence?
  • What do they think proper care consists of?
  • Are the financially able to provide for the animal?
  • How will they handle any potential trips out of town?
  • Who lives in their home? What are their ages?
  • Do they have any additional animals?
  • Do they have knowledge of proper animal care?
  • Do they have experience caring for animals?
  • Are they willing to allow potential adopters visit their home?
  • Why do they want to be a foster parent?
  • How will they handle the animal leaving after growing attached?

These are vital questions to gain a better understanding of the potential environment for the animals. You want to match the animal with a home that best suits their needs.
Recruiting great foster parents increases your long-term retention and gives more opportunity to help animals in need.

Planning for that special occasion can be fun and exciting but it also needs organization to be a success. It is important to make the right planning decisions and to have a grasp of what your audience may expect from the special event. Below are some simple tips:

One, identify the sort of event you want and the audience expected to attend the event. For example if you’re planning a cocktail party you might consider providing alcohol, appetizers, some music, perhaps a live band. With music you’ll need to consider the age group attending the party.

Two, decide on the budget and stick to it. Remember when compiling a budget to take into account rental, location of the venue, food and drink, seating, music or live entertainment, decorations, audio equipment, electrical supply and invitations stationary.

Three, choose your vendors which might be: caters, entertainment and florist. When choosing a caterer remember who your audience is, age, meat eaters or vegetarians or those who might need special diets.

Four, send invitations in good time but not too early. You don’t want people to forget and make other arrangements, but at the same time you’ll want to give them good warning to prepare for the special event. The right timing to send invitations is important. You’ll also need to know by return of the invitations slip who is expected to attend.

Five, Pick a theme and buy decorations to suit. Also will you need eating utensils, table cloths, napkins, cups and plates etc?

Six, appoint someone to be overall responsible for the event. Keep contact numbers and addresses and have a plan ‘b’ should something go wrong or someone important to the event doesn’t show up.

Lastly, be sure you have all the necessary insurances. You can buy special event insurance, but look carefully at the terms you may need additional insurances for liability or loss or damage to hired equipment.

If you plan carefully you special event will be a success and enjoyed by all who attend. The perfect special event has been well planned throughout from the moment of inception.