One look into the eyes of an abused and discarded animal is enough to melt the heart of any animal lover. You know that animal is looking for love and affection, you know that animal has never been given any. This is most evident when you see pets in a shelter. They are either very friendly or very angry. The two extremes are there for a reason. Just like any human would react to mistreatment so do animals.
However shelter pets make the best pets:
They are not Spoiled
Animal lovers the world over have the worst trend of spoiling their pets. Pet shops also need to make that animal look and smell great in order to attract a sale. The pet is groomed and given a clean bed sometimes twice a day. Their only job is to look pretty so they can be sold. A shelter animal before arriving at a shelter has been lying in it’s own feces and fleas and dirt for so long that when he is cleaned it is a luxury and not a expectation.
They can Stomach variety of Foods
From their hard life on the streets when a animal is placed at the shelter they adapt to eat the food given. They are not fussy and do not need special diets. They just need a well balanced healthy meal.
Very Loving
A shelter animal can become very loving once adopted and treated well. Even the animal that has become aggressive from abuse, can with a gentle loving touch and good care become a loving pet. They have hardly known love so when they feel it they adore it and fall in love with you immediately.
A shelter animal is also more disciplined once they have been taught and are loved. The reason for this is that they have known a bad life and they do not want to go back to that life. They listen when you talk and they try not test your patience.
A shelter pet is healthier as it has had all it’s shots and also from a life of abuse and living on the street it has learned to eat lower quality food than normal. It’s immune system is higher and the animals threshold for catching diseases is strong.
Shelter animal most definitely make the better pet.Stop by your shelter today and get a friend for life.

Animal shelters work hard every day to find dogs and cats forever homes. There are certain dog breeds with a bad reputation, and are considered high risk. Animal adoptions always come with fees, and some shelters have considered raising the adoption fees for high risk breeds. Is that a good idea? Here are the pros and cons of raising adoption rates for high risk dog breeds.

Some high risk breeds like Pit bulls, Rottweiler’s, and Doberman Pinschers are all breeds of dogs that are used and abused by their heartless owners. Some train them as guard dogs, while others train them for dog fights. A lot of dogs in these breeds can thrive in a loving home, and are also known for having a sweet temperament to their owners. A higher adoption fee may deter some bad people from taking and ruining these dogs. It can also serve as a deterrent for families unaware of the liabilities attached to these breeds.

There are over 78 million owned dogs in the United States, and only 20 percent of them are adopted from shelters. If shelters are serious about increasing animal adoptions, they shouldn’t discriminate by breed. While breeds of dogs like Pit bulls have a negative reputation, they are more docile than other seemingly harmless breeds of dogs, like Chihuahuas. Every dog no matter their reputation deserves the chance to be adopted into a loving home. Having higher adoption fees will make them even less desirable than before.

Animal adoptions are of the utmost importance for any shelter. That is why raising adoption fees for high risk breeds seem against their best interests. It will discourage adoptions for certain breeds, and lower adoption rates as a whole. However, educating potential owners of the liabilities involved with high risk breeds is important too. While educating future owners of high risk breeds is important, having a dog’s best interest at heart should be the utmost importance, because that is the shelters’ goal in the first place.

For many, animal adoptions continue to be a favorite way to acquire a new best friend. Every year, hundreds and thousands of wonderful new pets are discovered and taken home to adoring families. Pet store dogs are expensive while animal adoptions offer the same lovable dogs for free. If you are among the many people today interested in adopting a dog, there are several things to evaluate before bringing one home.

Are You Ready?

Dogs are a big responsibility. Whether it’s a puppy or a full grown adult, a new dog requires love, training and patience, along with the necessities of food, water and regular walks. It’s important to evaluate and prepare for every aspect of pet care prior to rushing into any animal adoptions and a new dog is no different. Caring for a dog can sometimes be a full-time job, so communication among other members of your family may help to delegate tasks such as feeding, watering and walking the dog throughout the week.

Selecting Your Dog

Different breeds have different temperaments, habits, shapes, sizes and ages. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help when selecting the right dog to take home to the family. Some breeds are engineered to protect a home while others are simply fun to have around. Every dog breed possesses distinctly different attributes, but all of them can make life-long companions. Choosing to have an ‘inside’ dog or an ‘outside’ dog is another thing to consider, especially in the case that existing pets like cats are in the home already. 

Consistent Care

Ongoing follow-ups should be a priority after animal adoptions. Dogs require regular shots and can benefit from bi-monthly veterinary checkups and grooming. Be sure to ask about your dog’s health history and what may be required. Knowing when your dog is due for the next round of shots is important. Scheduling appointments to have your dog bathed or to clip his or her nails may also be a good idea before introducing the dog to the family or other pets.

Caring for a dog is challenging but also very rewarding. A dog can enrich a household for generations and many of these adorable creatures find homes through animal adoptions. By understanding and accepting the responsibilities of being a dog owner, you can feel confident to research pet adoptions in your area and select a dog that is right for you.