Nonprofit animal shelters need donations to survive. Without funds you have no means to educate or help animals in your community. Every year, new animal rescue organizations pop-up competing for donors’ time and recognition. These new organizations make it difficult to retain your existing donors. Since your donors don’t have bottomless pockets, it may be time to put your traditional fundraising efforts aside and try something new.


Here are four new ways to raise more money in 2017.


  1. Go Mobile.

More than 90% of US adults own a Smartphone today. The majority of people take them everywhere they go. It’s no surprise that mobile is a trend to follow in 2017. Text to give is a way for donors to send a text to a unique number to start the donation process. The initial text triggers a return message that links to a secure form to finalize payment information. Since it’s something they can do anywhere, more donors will use this path.


  1. Invest in remarketing ads.

Remarketing is a paid advertising technique you can use to follow website visitors around the Internet. Your ad pops up on websites they visit. It acts as a subtle reminder that they were interested in you and drives them back to your website.


  1. E-mail flash fundraising drives.

One third of all online donations come from e-mail marketing. One day flash email fundraising drives are a great way to generate revenue for special needs like an injured animal intake.


Send out a series of e-mails to your contact list. Highlight the animal’s history, includes pictures, and explains what they need and how much it will cost. Divide your overall goal by half of your donor list and suggest this as a donation amount to increase the chances of meeting your goal.


  1. Sign up for Amazon Smile.

A simple way to raise more money is register online with Amazon Smile. Amazon donates a portion of sales linked to your nonprofit organization. It’s an easy way to generate passive income to support your mission.


Try a few of these options to generate more revenue for your nonprofit animal shelter this year.

Animal shelters and rescues have the weight of the helpless animal population on their shoulders.  They find ways and methods to accomplish their significant missions and visions with minimal funding and resources. Animal shelters and rescues rely heavily on the support of donors who provide needed items as well as financial donations.  The last thing they need to add to their daily worries is the risk of a cyber attack that compromises their donor’s confidential information. According to a recent study released by The Global State of Information Security, security incidents increased by 38% and theft of “hard” information rose by 56% in 2015 when compared to 2014.  With the threat of cyber attacks on the rise, it is a real concern for many nonprofit animal shelters and rescues. Implement a cyber security program to protect your donors and your animal shelter or rescue.

Here are eight items to include in your program:

  1. Backup your data. Create a backup of information stored on your computers and server daily. Hackers have the power to compromise your electronic information, making it inaccessible. A backup provides you with an up to date list of your donors and their contact information, simplifying the notification process (a little at least).
  2. Secure physical data. Store physical donor files and confidential information in a locked, fireproof filing cabinet. Allow access to this information on an as-needed basis.  The fewer hands that physically touch the files, the smaller chance they can be misplaced.
  3. Limit the information you collect. A great rule of thumb to implement immediately is “if you don’t need it, don’t ask for it.” The less data you collect from donors, the less information a hacker gains during a breach.
  4. Purge unneeded information. If you have years of donor information stored in a back room at your animal shelter or on discs, it may be time to purge it. Keep only information you need. Often times, older files are stored and forgotten about. Holding onto donor files and information increases your chance of suffering from a breach.
  5. Update computers and software. Update computers and software programs on a consistent basis. Companies release updates and patches to help protect their customers from data breaches.  If updates are left unattended, your risk for a breach increases.  If you are not technology savvy, hire a local IT company to help keep your system up to date and secure.
  6. Use encryption. Use a data or donor collection service that encrypts the information your donors enter. Encryption encodes the information making it only accessible by those authorized to view it.
  7. Train your volunteer staff. Volunteers are a significant help to animal shelters and rescues. They can also be a great risk.  If your volunteer team is not internet or computer intelligent, they may unknowingly download malware or spyware.  Educate them on what is an acceptable use of the organization’s computers and emails.  Make it mandatory that downloads are not acceptable and should be approved by the director.  Phishing schemes are a common hacker specialty. Train your team on these to protect your shelter or rescue.
  8. Purchase cyber liability insurance. Cyber liability insurance is beneficial if it is purchased prior to a cyber breach or theft.  Cyber liability insurance protects your nonprofit animal shelter at the time of the breach by paying defense and settlement costs. The best cyber insurance policies take care of the state required notifications, which can be a long and treacherous task.

Cyber breaches are a serious threat to nonprofits like animal shelters and rescues.  The unfortunate news is hackers are becoming more creative in their schemes, making it difficult for companies to keep information secure.  Implement a cyber security program outlined here to protect your nonprofit animal shelter or rescue.


Accepting Donations

August 21, 2015

Most animal shelters if they are non-profit depend on their financial means to come from donations. If you are one of these shelters and looking for new ways to accept donation to help properly care for the animals and keep the shelter running with ease try some of these methods.

Place Donation Boxes at Local Businesses

Your local community is a great place to start when in need of donation to help support your community’s animal shelter. Ask local businesses if it would be okay to place donation boxes at checkout areas or check in areas of your local veterinary hospitals. Some of the best local businesses to start with are pet stores. Make sure each of your donation boxes sponsor a pet at your shelter with a brief description of what the animal is like so not only are you encouraging donations, but adoptions as well.

Send Out News Letters with Donation Slips

Sending out newsletters about your shelter too all the members in your local community along with some neat stories about some of the animals in your shelter is an outstanding way to inspire people to want to donate and help support your non-profit organization. With each news letter you mail out though, do not forget to add in a donation slip for those willing to donate along with a pre-paid mailing envelope so they can send the helpful donations too you directly at the animal shelter.

Create a Donation Site Online

The internet is a wonderful place to create a site online where people can send donations electronically to the shelter. Make sure your online site shows pictures of the animals in the shelter, information on what the shelter is about, and a brief introduction to the people who work there to help care for the animals on a regular basis. Also, include inspirational stories of the rescue pets brought to the shelter, have found new loving homes and stories of the ones that still are looking for their forever home.

End Notes to Think About 

This is just handful of ways to accept funds from your local community to keep your non-profit animal shelter running properly so you can care for all the animals that are there on a day-to-day basis until they find new homes. Other ways you can accept donations is through fundraisers and hosting adoption events at local businesses and doggy parks.

Holidays are not just the time to give to people. It is also the time to give to local animal shelters to help provide them with the necessities they need to care for animals until they are adopted into loving homes as pets. One of the money common gifts giving to animal shelters throughout the holiday season is cash donations, but that doesn’t have to be what you donate this year to help keep a shelter thriving and caring for animals that need tender love and care. If your wondering what you could possibly donate to help your local animal shelter this holiday season view the list below.
#1 Pet Food
Throughout the year, animal shelters go through endless amounts of pet food to keep the animals well feed and nourished. One of the best donations you could give is pet food such as wet or dry cat or dog food and special animal treats. If your local animal shelter cares for small animals too such as bunnies, birds, and other small pocket animals, consider bring pet food tailored to these types of critters.
#2 Toys
Animals love to play too, which is why it is important to donate new critter toys to your local shelter as well. Simply go to your local pet supply shop and fill up a small basket or shopping cart with some neat toys that could make some animals very happy.
#3 Beds & Blankets
Pet beds and blankets are some of the most comforting gifts to give sheltered animals. Animals need warm comfy things too. It helps them feel safe and snuggly.
#4 Litter
Cat litter is another useful necessity in a shelter. Animal shelters go through so much cat litter in a year to help provide a clean place for those furry whiskered friends to go potty. You may not think this would be a helpful donation, but shelters would be more than thankful for this donation.
#5 Leashes, Collars, Pet Grooming Supplies and Crates
Leashes, collars and pet crates can be helpful too. Necessities such as this helps the animals in the shelter travel safely whether it be in a car or out for a walk on a nice beautiful day. Even pet grooming supplies can help greatly too. It can help the volunteers are the shelter keep the animals looking their best so they have a better chance at finding loving homes.

The holidays are almost upon us and this is a time for animal shelter fundraisers to start. Many people are interested in increasing their giving over the holidays, as well as making donations in a loved one’s name. You’ll want to take advantage of creative ideas to help bring in some extra donations.
Host a holiday party with a twist – invite everyone to come and bring their dog. Make sure there are plenty of treats for both people and pets. Ask everyone to make a donation when they arrive at the location. Consider offering a silent auction where you can raise additional funds, or having a raffle for some type of pet products and services. Examples include a visit to a local groomer or an expensive pet bed.
Set aside a day when people can have their pets’ and kids’ portraits taken with Santa Claus. This is a better alternative to going to the mall, where pets are not typically welcome. Make sure the portrait area looks festive so that the pictures look great. Offer the portraits in different sizes and formats, such as online slideshows and holiday cards. One of the advantages of this option is that anyone who comes to visit Santa with their kids might get ideas about finding a new addition to their family.
Have a pet-themed craft fundraiser. Chances are that some of your shelter’s staff, volunteers and donors have craft skills. This is one of the more effective animal shelter fundraisers because everyone looks forward to the possibility of being able to buy handcrafted items as gifts. You might even consider allowing people to place orders through your shelter’s Facebook page.
If local merchants do a holiday open house event, consider setting up a table or booth where you can serve concessions. Hot apple cider, cocoa and cookies are great choices. In situations where pets are allowed in outdoor areas, consider offering some dog treats as an option.
Put together and sell holiday baskets for pet owners. This might contain treats, grooming aids, toys and whatever else you think is useful. You might also combine items for pets with holiday treats for the owners to enjoy, such as candy, pastries, cheese or sausage.

 5 More Summertime Fundraisers


There are a number of ways to help raise money for your animal shelter, including summer time fundraisers. Here are five fundraiser ideas to get people outside and raising money.


Sponsor a 5K

While it will be work, setting up a 5K event will help to get people’s attention. You can make it a dog friendly event to help emphasize the purpose of the event. For a fee, participants will be able to get some exercise while earning money for the shelter. If you make it an annual event, it is likely to gain in popularity and grow every year.


Hold a Silent Auction

This one will require you to first gain donations from local businesses or sponsors, but it will be more of an investment of time than money. You can add a meal or snacks to the event to make it last a little longer, giving participants a little more time to increase their bids. Holding the auction outside is ideal so that people can bring their pets to mingle as they browse.


Torture the Boss

Create a short list of “tortures” for the shelter owner (or a willing substitute), like dying the boss’s hair or cleaning after the animals for a day. Then anyone who pays a set amount will be allowed to vote on what type of torture they would like to see. This is an easy way to do fundraising with minimal cost, except to the boss. Once the votes are tallied, the crowd watches as the boss gets a shaved head or begins painting the shelter. Coupled with a 5K, this could help attract a larger crowd.


Setup a Garage Sale

Ask for donations of gently used clothes, bikes, furniture, books, or whatever people are willing to donate, and then hold a garage sale. If you have the time to invest in a garage sale, it is probably one of the easiest ways to maximize the returns on your fundraiser.


Create an Obstacle Course

Much like the 5K, you can create an obstacle course. Participants can raise money from their sponsors to join the event. This is an excellent way to get outside and get dirty, but it will require some time to consider safety, as well as money to create the course. You will probably need waivers for the participants.