How to Form an Animal Rescue

September 2, 2015

Each day, tens of thousands of dogs, cats and other animals are abandoned on the streets of America’s towns and cities. You can help by forming an animal rescue shelter in a few easy steps to help out your community and give like-minded community members the opportunity to join in.

Steps to forming an animal rescue shelter

1. Do your research. What animals or animal breeds are most in need of rescue in your community?

2. Gain valuable shelter experience. Before you start, work in a local shelter to learns the ins and outs of animal care.

3. Scout locations. Find a space that allows for a front office, housing and play areas for the animals, and if needed, a medical room.

4. Get a lawyer. Choose a name for the rescue, file for your nonprofit business license, get insurance, and importantly, form a board of directors, and get legal advice.

5. Advertise. Brochures and a website for your rescue, and introduce yourself to shelters in the area.

How your animal rescue shelter benefits the community

An animal rescue benefits the community in ways that are both tangible and intangible. Rescued animals are a benefit to the community because they are taken off streets and given shelter and care, contributing to the tangible benefit of animal welfare in the community.

Animal rescues also provide intangible benefits for the community by highlighting the need for responsible pet ownership through spaying and neutering animals in addition to animal protection.

Further, caring for animals provides the intangible benefit to all of humanity in supporting because of the moral benefit of care. All life should be cared for and protected.

Can others help?

An animal rescue can become a second home for community members who share in the ideals of animal rescue and who want to be a part of the solution. Volunteers are crucial since they not only care for the animals, but they will share in the mission and carry its values into the broader community.

People of all ages can help you with administration, direct care of animals, fundraising and other events, and as ambassadors to the community.

Animal rescue shelters rely upon the expertise of community members in the formation, management and expansion of the animal rescue shelter. Together, you can make your rescue an important part of your community.

The world of dog products is vast and all-encompassing. If there is a problem, there is an animal care product to fix it. One product quickly gaining traction for it’s multi-beneficial use is dog toe grips.

How do they work?

Dogs use their nails for traction they flex their paws and dig in their nails like cleats on natural ground. But on surfaces such as marble, linoleum, or hardwood floors, their hard nails can’t get a grip or traction. Toe grips are non-slip grips that fit right into a dog’s individual toe nails and here by friction. This eliminates the slipping problem that can be frustrating for all dogs- but almost paralyzing for senior dogs or those with certain injuries. Because the grips it onto the nails only- most dogs don’t even realize they are on, unlike socks or boots which fit over a whole paw and a dog can chew or push off.

Toe grips come in multiple sizes, so you are required to measure your dog’s nails to ensure a proper fit. Toe grips can migrate up the nail, so be sure to check regularly to ensure they are in the proper place.

What are the benefits?

Dog toe grips improve mobility and stability, increase canine confidence, and reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries. They are especially useful for senior dogs who do not have the ability to compensate on slippery hardwood floors they way they did when they were young to avoid sliding, or to those dogs who have difficulty going from laying to standing. They have also proven and effective way to restore confidence and mobility in dogs with the following problems:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Neurologic issues
  • ACL/Cruciate injuries
  • Blindness
  • Hind end weakness
  • Tripawds

The best part is- you no longer have to cover your house in carpet or throw rugs to allow your dog full access to your home. A set of dog toe grips will typically run you about $30- and are available both online and in pet stores. A set can last up to three months before needing replacement.

Dog toe grips are an affordable and easy animal care to give your dog his confidence and mobility back!

Animal adoptions are the responsible way of bringing a pet into your life. By choosing to adopt an animal, you are actively contributing to society. There is also a strong correlation between adoptions and improved animal welfare, especially during the summer. If you are looking to own a pet, adoptions are the way to go.

Adopting animals from a shelter is admirable. You are essentially giving an animal a new life. However, there are many things to consider before adopting. Considerations include your current lifestyle, your living environment, and your ideal companion. Providing a healthy living environment for your new pet is important. It is also important to understand the benefits of adopting. These benefits include animals that have been health-checked and, commonly, house-trained. You are also not contributing to the unfortunate over-population of domestic animals. While animal adoption may seem complicated, it is not. Through adoption, improved animal welfare is almost always guaranteed.

Purchasing an animal through a breeder or pet store may be tempting at first, but there are no certainties about the welfare of these animals. Through adoption agencies, animal welfare is a top priority. Generally speaking, adopted animals have higher animal welfare standards. The main animal welfare issues to consider include behavior, house-training and general health. Adoption agencies are often guided by veterinarians, to ensure each animal is adequately cared for. Although a majority of animal welfare issues are taken care of by adoption agencies, those who adopt animals also play an important role, especially during the summer.

Throughout the year, there may be times when the environment is dangerous for animals.  This includes during summer, when heat temperatures increase and parasites are more prevalent. Unfortunately, animals are very vulnerable during these periods.  Some of the most common vulnerabilities include:

  • Temperature – Heat from the Sun can cause dehydration and other issues
  • Parasites – Fleas and ticks are more active during warmer weather, causing irritation and potential infections
  • Other wildlife – Birds, reptiles and other mammals may attack, causing injuries
  • Thunderstorms – Loud storms often frighten animals, potentially leading to injuries
  • Dangerous plants – Venomous plants may come into contact with animals, making them very sick

Through animal adoptions, you can help protect animals against many of these threats. Needless to say, animal adoptions are very beneficial. By utilizing adoption agencies, you are contributing to the overall welfare of animals, giving them a happier, healthier life.