Fall Fundraiser Ideas

September 7, 2015

Fundraising for your organization doesn’t have to be a boring proposition.  Now that the vacations are over and the kids are settling back into school routines, you have an opportunity to encourage some seasonal fun while raising much-needed funds.  Here are a few ideas:

Hold a Harvest Festival
Invite local businesses to participate, bringing in samples, giveaways, and games.  A dog-kisses booth for donations and showcasing the friendliest animals available for adoption can bring in a steady stream of dollars.  Crown a non-human Harvest King and Queen, and offer photos with the winners for a donation.

Howl-o-Ween Costume Contests
Pictures of animals in costumes tend to go viral easily.  Hold a Halloween costume contest for furry companions, and have participants send in a photo to be judged.  Put them up on Facebook or another social media or free photo site, and allow users/viewers to “vote” with a “like”.  Participants will share these photos, bringing more traffic and awareness to your organization, where you can link them to a donation page to support your mission.

Dog Wash
Many schools are requiring a public service component now, and you can capitalize on this trend by recruiting school students and organizations for free help.  Put them to work in a dog wash event, for example, setting it up like a car wash, with signs and visibility from a road.  (Make sure the animals are safely secured while washing, of course!)  Take lots of pictures to use online later, for those who couldn’t make the event.  Sudsy dogs grab attention.

Fun Run
If your region has “fun runs”, which many do, talk to those in charge about holding a parallel event:  a fun run with your pet.  It doesn’t have to be as long or grueling as its human equivalent.  Even a one-mile pet jaunt with sponsorship, both individual and overall, can raise money and promote exercise and fitness for humans and animal companions.  Again, taking lots of pictures for an after-the-event donation page is a good idea.

Autumn Art Auction
Open up submissions to local artists for animal-themed art donations, set in fall colors.  Invite both animal lovers and art patrons, and auction the pieces.  Alternatively, ask for digital files and create an ebook of the works as a seasonal fundraiser.

With a little creativity, your organization can have a donation-rich fall season…and a little fun while you’re at it.

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