Fall Fun for Animals in Shelters and Rescue Centers

September 4, 2015

During the fall, pumpkins, apple picking, fallen leaves, hiking, festivals and the football season are fun for people, and can be the inspiration for great fall activities for animals in shelters, rescue centers and foster homes.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Tasty Treats to Spice up Training

Many dogs love the taste of pumpkin, and pumpkins have lots of health benefits for dogs and cats, including:

• Improved digestion.
• Improved urinary health.
• A good source of vitamin A.
• Even weight loss.

During training sessions, dog treats made with pumpkin are an excellent high value reward.

If you’re fostering a dog, take him pumpkin or apple picking with you. Pumpkin patches and orchards are great places for you and your dog to explore. Many allow dogs if they are leashed.

Leaf-Pile Fun

Put out piles of leaves in the dogs’ runs for them to run through, jump into and toss around with you.

As dogs love tracking, you can hide toys among the leaves to add to the fun.

Cats also love playing in them and chasing leaves about.

Make sure there isn’t anything, like a branch, hidden in the leaves that could hurt animals.

Football Madness

Nothing says fall like football, and most dogs will love running around playing ball. You can be the quarterback and throw a ball for your dog to retrieve. Use a soft foam ball that’s easy to catch and won’t hurt his mouth.

For the kitty version of football, have a ball on a string that she can chase after or bat around.

Alternatively, crumple paper into a ball – cats love toys that make a crinkly sound – for your cat to chase and catch. Make sure she doesn’t chew or swallow any paper.

Getting Social at Festivals

The many different sights and sounds at a fall festival make it a great opportunity for socializing your foster dog. Check the festival is pet friendly.

Take a Hike

Hiking with your dog is easier during the cooler fall days. Start with short hikes and build up to longer ones. Things to take with you include:

• Water
• A Leash
• Poop Scoop
• Snacks

Always check dogs are allowed on the trail.

Try out these activities and have lots of fall fun with the animals in your care.

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