Accepting Donations

August 21, 2015

Most animal shelters if they are non-profit depend on their financial means to come from donations. If you are one of these shelters and looking for new ways to accept donation to help properly care for the animals and keep the shelter running with ease try some of these methods.

Place Donation Boxes at Local Businesses

Your local community is a great place to start when in need of donation to help support your community’s animal shelter. Ask local businesses if it would be okay to place donation boxes at checkout areas or check in areas of your local veterinary hospitals. Some of the best local businesses to start with are pet stores. Make sure each of your donation boxes sponsor a pet at your shelter with a brief description of what the animal is like so not only are you encouraging donations, but adoptions as well.

Send Out News Letters with Donation Slips

Sending out newsletters about your shelter too all the members in your local community along with some neat stories about some of the animals in your shelter is an outstanding way to inspire people to want to donate and help support your non-profit organization. With each news letter you mail out though, do not forget to add in a donation slip for those willing to donate along with a pre-paid mailing envelope so they can send the helpful donations too you directly at the animal shelter.

Create a Donation Site Online

The internet is a wonderful place to create a site online where people can send donations electronically to the shelter. Make sure your online site shows pictures of the animals in the shelter, information on what the shelter is about, and a brief introduction to the people who work there to help care for the animals on a regular basis. Also, include inspirational stories of the rescue pets brought to the shelter, have found new loving homes and stories of the ones that still are looking for their forever home.

End Notes to Think About 

This is just handful of ways to accept funds from your local community to keep your non-profit animal shelter running properly so you can care for all the animals that are there on a day-to-day basis until they find new homes. Other ways you can accept donations is through fundraisers and hosting adoption events at local businesses and doggy parks.

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