Ways to Get Your Community Involved

August 17, 2015

Animal welfare organizations rely on community involvement to stay in business. It may seem that creating community involvement is difficult, even a little daunting. Here are a few tips to help create community involvement. With a little time and consistent effort, you will see growth.

Create a schedule of fun events that invites the public to come and see what your organization is all about. To get community involvement, you have to be present in the community. One idea is perhaps a pet adoption event that has food, games and educational information. Have information cards for everyone to fill out. Make sure to collect email addresses.

An email address list is very important, especially for staying in touch with the people who have expressed interest in what you are trying to do. Create a monthly newsletter that informs these folks of your upcoming events and important issues. As your email list grows so will the community involvement.

Social media is a really efficient way to reach people twenty four hours a day. Create a Facebook page, and invite people to like it. This another great place to educate and post your upcoming events. You should have links available on your Facebook page that will direct interested parties to your website.

A website is very helpful way to gather information, even after the office is closed. You should ask for email addresses. This will add to your email list, and make your newsletter reach an even bigger part of your community.

Building community involvement is very important. Implementing the above tips will go a long way in getting more people involved. The best part about it is, once it is set up, it is very easy to maintain and grow.

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