The Healing Power of a Cats Purr

July 8, 2015

When searching for an animal connection to healing, you need look no further than cats. It turns out that science is discovering what feline friends have known for years: there is great power in the purr of cats. This is great news for anyone who appreciates the animals, and those who are interested in holistic healing.

When cats purr, it is at a frequency of 20-140 Hz, which happens to be the ideal healing range for healing in both humans and many animal species. This means that when you hold a purring cat, your body experiences healing of mental and physical symptoms. In fact, it is good for the animal as well, which is why cats heal from injuries faster than other domesticated animals.

Your bones heal best at frequencies of 25-50 Hz, with 100-200 Hz being the second best. Because cats purr within this range, it can help your broken or fractured bones to heal faster. Even if you have not suffered a break, the purring will help to strengthen your bones, which may prevent fractures over time.

Additionally, the vibrations from cat purrs are ideal for healing other bodily tissues. This animal connection works on your muscles, tendons and ligaments. So, if you have a pulled muscle, you may want to cuddle with a purring kitty several times each day! The vibrations also reduce swelling and infection rates.

Your blood pressure will go down when interacting with a cat and one study indicated that cat owners have less risk of heart attacks than their non-cat owning counterparts. For those with a history of heart disease in the family, bringing home a cat from the shelter could benefit you both.

Likewise, if you are feeling stressed, holding a purring kitty can help you to relax. Of course, those who love cats already know what science is now proving. This is why an increasing number of communities are looking at ways to include animals in therapeutic practices.

As you can see, there are many benefits involved with cats. The healing power of their purr is a great scientific fact that shows the animal connection to humans is quite strong.

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