Warning Signs to Let You Know When You Should Take Your Animals to The Vet

July 5, 2015

Animal care is a privilege that should never be taken lightly, but unfortunately it’s not always easy. The lack of communication can be very frustrating, because your animals can’t convey their pain and discomfort. However, there are warning signs to let you know when you should take your animals to the vet and here are some of the important ones.

  • Vomiting

It’s not necessarily an emergency when your animal vomits once or twice. But when the vomiting persists then it’s a definite warning sign to seek professional help.

  • Blocked Stomach

Keeping an eye on your animal’s bowel movements isn’t exactly pleasant, but it can tell you quite a lot about their health status. If you notice that they are actively trying to “go” and nothing is coming out then take this as a serious warning sign. For animals this can be much more than just a matter of constipation.

  • Blood in the Urine

Under no circumstance should blood ever be in your animal’s urine. If this happens then there is something wrong with the filtering process related to the kidneys. There is a possibility that it could only be a urinary tract infection, but it can also be a sign of cancer.

  • A Change in Habit or Routine

You will no doubt be well aware of the habits and routines your animals have. This is also a great way to determine whether there is something seriously wrong. For example, if your dog is very energetic, but starts to lie down excessively, then it’s cause for concern.

Animal care requires a measure of instinct and even though the above mentioned points are crucial tell-tale signs you should also look out for:

– A loss of appetite

– Pale, grey or white gums

– Dizziness

– The inability to walk

– Constant moaning (a sign of pain)

– Body temperature that exceeds 104 degrees

– Bloated stomach or abdomen

The best advice is that you should consult a vet when these warning signs occur or when your instincts kick in and tell you something is wrong. If you care enough to learn the warning signs then you should always trust your judgement, because it’s much better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your animals.

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