How to Keep Your Animal Safe on The Fourth of July

July 2, 2015

Everyone loves the 4th of July! Summer holidays are a time of celebration, fun, fireworks, and lots of yummy BBQ. Many of us with pets want them to enjoy this day with us, and still others usually allow their pets to roam free outside. However, this is one of the more chaotic holidays, so some extra safety precautions are important to keep in mind.

Lots of extra people and pets 

The 4th of July brings almost everybody out of their homes! While this is a fantastic social time, it can be risky or scary for your pets. Free roaming pets should be kept indoors that day to avoid accidents or encounters with other animals, and dogs coming to events with you should always be kept on a leash. If you’re bringing your dog into crowds during summer holidays, watch their body language carefully. If they are scared or feel threatened by all the rowdy children, sparklers, etc, they may act in uncharacteristic, aggressive ways.

Prepare for fireworks

Although we tend to enjoy fireworks during the holidays, most pets do not. Their hearing is much more sensitive than ours, and they don’t understand that these loud sounds don’t signal danger. Many pets can panic or get very agitated while fireworks are going off. It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a leash and all free roaming pets inside that day and night so they don’t panic and run in front of a car or get lost.


4th of July food is good for us, but not for pets! While a little bite of your plain hot dog probably won’t hurt your dog, letting them gorge on leftovers or candy lying around can make them very sick. Chocolate and other human foods are toxic for dogs, so watch out! Also be careful with the grill; dogs may try to grab food that is not good for them to eat, or they may knock over the grill and cause serious injury or a fire.


It’s going be hot, hot, hot! Just like you have to keep yourself cool and hydrated during summer holidays like this, your pets have the same needs. They need access to cool water and shade, and to rest when it’s especially warm.

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