The Correlations Between Adoptions and Improved Animal Welfare

June 28, 2015

Animal adoptions are the responsible way of bringing a pet into your life. By choosing to adopt an animal, you are actively contributing to society. There is also a strong correlation between adoptions and improved animal welfare, especially during the summer. If you are looking to own a pet, adoptions are the way to go.

Adopting animals from a shelter is admirable. You are essentially giving an animal a new life. However, there are many things to consider before adopting. Considerations include your current lifestyle, your living environment, and your ideal companion. Providing a healthy living environment for your new pet is important. It is also important to understand the benefits of adopting. These benefits include animals that have been health-checked and, commonly, house-trained. You are also not contributing to the unfortunate over-population of domestic animals. While animal adoption may seem complicated, it is not. Through adoption, improved animal welfare is almost always guaranteed.

Purchasing an animal through a breeder or pet store may be tempting at first, but there are no certainties about the welfare of these animals. Through adoption agencies, animal welfare is a top priority. Generally speaking, adopted animals have higher animal welfare standards. The main animal welfare issues to consider include behavior, house-training and general health. Adoption agencies are often guided by veterinarians, to ensure each animal is adequately cared for. Although a majority of animal welfare issues are taken care of by adoption agencies, those who adopt animals also play an important role, especially during the summer.

Throughout the year, there may be times when the environment is dangerous for animals.  This includes during summer, when heat temperatures increase and parasites are more prevalent. Unfortunately, animals are very vulnerable during these periods.  Some of the most common vulnerabilities include:

  • Temperature – Heat from the Sun can cause dehydration and other issues
  • Parasites – Fleas and ticks are more active during warmer weather, causing irritation and potential infections
  • Other wildlife – Birds, reptiles and other mammals may attack, causing injuries
  • Thunderstorms – Loud storms often frighten animals, potentially leading to injuries
  • Dangerous plants – Venomous plants may come into contact with animals, making them very sick

Through animal adoptions, you can help protect animals against many of these threats. Needless to say, animal adoptions are very beneficial. By utilizing adoption agencies, you are contributing to the overall welfare of animals, giving them a happier, healthier life.

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