Going on a Road Trip with Your Animal? Here Are Some Important Things You Should Take Along.

June 17, 2015

We all need to get away sometimes.  Seeing new things and experiencing great new adventures can renew the spirit and give you a refreshed outlook on life.  When you are traveling with animals, however, road trips and flights can be stressful, particularly when they are not planned properly.

Before you head out for your next expedition, keep these animal activities and comforts in mind if you are taking your four-legged friend with you:

  • Snuggly Soft.  Your pet can easily feel anxious when they are outside of their normal comfort zone.  The same sights and sounds that you find exhilarating can create the ultimate stress for your furry family members.  Pack your pet’s bed, or, at a minimum, his favorite blanket. The familiar feel and smell will help ease discomfort that can happen in otherwise unfamiliar environments.
  • Tasty Treats.  You may use treats to reward good behavior or simply show your appreciation for your pet when you are at home, but these tasty treats can go a long way when you are in strange new places.  Pack enough of your pet’s favorite treats to last the duration of the trip.  Introducing unfamiliar foods can actually upset their stomach, leading to even more unwanted ramifications than a little homesickness.
  • Soul Food.  Speaking of avoiding belly issues, treats are not the only things your furry friend will be ingesting.  While you will want to make sure you have favorite treats on hand to let them know what a good animal they are, they will also need a substantial diet of normal food.  Be sure to pack enough of their normal food so you do not experience stomach upsets along the way.  If your pet is on a special diet, map out potential places to refill their food, should you run out unexpectedly.
  • Trick or Treat.  Plenty of pet toys these days are made to occupy the animals’ minds.  To prevent boredom, which can lead to disruptive behavior, pack a few toys in your suitcase that are created to entertain them, too.  Animal activities that incorporate treats and puzzles can be the perfect way to eliminate unwanted behaviors that can easily escalate when your pet is feeling restless.

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