Ways to Bond With Your Animal

June 12, 2015

Forming a good animal connection is essential for health and happiness for both the animal owner and the animal.  So how do you do that?

The easiest way is to think about the way people connect with their babies and even with other people.

Bonding with an animal is natural for any animal lover.  Most people love cats or dogs or both.  Some ideas to help the animal connection develop deeper and faster are:

1 – Spend time.   There is no substitute for time in a relationship.  This goes for people but also for animals.  Animals are often nervous at first but over time, they warm up and bond with their new owner.  Dogs and cats tend to “grow” on people over time.

2 – Play with them.  Both people and animals love to play.  Play is enjoyment.  For a cat, chasing a laser pointer or a ball of yarn works great.  For dogs, nothing beats a good game of fetch.  For most people, one of the reasons they get the pet is for play.  Animals are cute when they play or as some people (who like puns) say “they are more fetching”.  Animals appreciate and bond to the person who they see as their play/fun mate.

3 – Groom them.  People bond with animals if they groom them.  This can be simple petting through to brushing them.  And who does not want a better groomed pet.  Animals and people both respond to touch.

4 – Walk them.  This mostly applies to dogs.  Dogs love to go for walks and hikes.  And it is healthy for them and their owners.  Pet owners live longer according to Dr. Oz.  Pet owners have less stress, lower cholesterol, and higher immunity.  Likely a good part of this is the added exercise pet owners get.

Animal connection is natural.  Follow your instincts and you will bond easily. After all, dogs and cats are people too.  OK – so they are not really but they will seem like it after there is a good bond formed.

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