Signs Of A Good Volunteer

March 18, 2015

Do you want to impact the lives of pets in your community? Local animal shelters are always in need of dedicated volunteers. There are a variety of ways individuals can get involved with an animal shelter. From hands-on experience, to behind-the-scenes administrative work, there is a spot for all types of volunteers. Whether you are interested in getting involved, or looking to bring more volunteers onto your team, these are five signs you should look for in a good animal shelter volunteer:
1. Love of animals: Volunteers for animal shelters need to be excited to be working with different types of furry friends. While working in a shelter, it is important to have volunteers who are passionate about helping each animal find a new home. Hands-on volunteers will experience long hours spent cleaning, feeding and playing with these animals. Administrative volunteers will also be working in close quarters with these animals.

2. Qualified: Qualifications of a certain role depend on the volunteer position. It is important to evaluate the physical, emotional and mental skills each potential volunteer has. AWOIP has a sample skill screening to help properly place volunteers in order to best benefit the individual and the organization.

3. Patient and kind personality: Many animals that come to shelters have had a difficult past. It is important volunteers are both patient and kind when handling the animals. Working with these types of animals can be a very emotional experience and it is important volunteers are able to be understanding and compassionate.

4. Energetic: Working in an animal shelter requires an upbeat and energetic personality. Volunteers should be excited to be doing something they love: working with animals. Some hands-on tasks can be very physical and some administrative tasks can be very time-consuming, so it is important each volunteer is full of energy.

5. Committed: Shelters are looking for volunteers that are dedicated to the organization and that can commit to spending time at the shelter. Shelters rely heavily on volunteers so it is important they are reliable.
Volunteering at an animal shelter can be a very rewarding experience. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, contact AWOIP to find opportunities in your area. If you are a shelter looking to implement a Volunteer Program, make sure to also check out these tips from AWOIP.

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