How to Get Ready For Kitten and Puppy Season?

March 5, 2015

Kitten and puppy season is the time of year between early spring and early fall where overwhelming amounts of litters are brought to shelters. During this season, shelters struggle with keeping up with food supplies and pet care products. One of the best ways to prevent this from occurring is to be prepared. If you are wondering how you can help prepare your shelter for handling kitten and puppy season properly the ideas below should help.
1. Stock Up on Pet Food
Before kitten and puppy season starts, it is wise to stock up on pet food. If your shelter is struggling with having the financial means to do so, ask for kitten and puppy food donations from your local community. This way, when kitten and puppy season starts you will not run out of the foods necessary to nourish and help these furry pals grow up into healthy pet’s that could provide lots of love to the family that adopts them.
2. Stock Up on Pet Care Grooming Products
Most of the kittens and puppies that come during the kitten and puppy season are dirty and full of fleas and ticks. Due to these reasons, tons of pet shampoos and grooming products will be necessary to have on hand in order to help get the dirty ones clean. Other essential grooming products your shelter might need are grooming brushes, claw clippers and grooming sheers. Even flea and tick medication and collars are helpful to have on hand for those poor kittens and puppies that need a bit of help ridding the awful insects from their furry coats.
3. Stock Up on Extra Crates, Leashes and Pet Bedding
Stocking up on extra pet crates, carriers, and leashes and bedding before the season starts will ensure your shelter has enough room too safely and happen place the little furry pals until new homes are found for them. You will also need extra pet food and water dishes to go into those extra crates to ensure all kittens and puppies have the ability to access food and water when their little tummies are hungry and thirsty.
4. Stock Up on Extra Toys
During kitten and puppy season, extra toys will be necessary. All kitten and puppies staying at the shelter need to have plenty of fun things to play with to help keep the busy, well-exercised as well as healthy and strong.

One Response to “How to Get Ready For Kitten and Puppy Season?”

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