What is Kitten and Puppy Season?

March 4, 2015

Each year, kitten and puppy season occurs between early spring and early fall. These particular times of the year, litters of kitten and puppies are born due to pets and stray animals not being spayed or neutered. Unfortunately, shelters become overloaded with these tiny beings and struggle with feeding and providing care to them all, and those tiny furry friends that are left on the streets end up ill and dying due to infections feline and canine diseases as well as extreme hunger and thirst. The good news is there are ways you can reduce the amount of litters that occur during kitten and puppy season.
1. Important Reason to Spayed or Neuter Your Own Pets
Pets can escape from the hands of your care for whatever reason, which is normally not your fault. Animals get the need to be curious every now and again so they feel the need to take an adventure. During these adventures if your pets are not spayed or neuter, they can cause unnecessary pregnancies in stray animals on the streets, which adds to the unnecessary litters of kitten and puppy season. The best way to prevent unwanted litters during this season is by making sure your pets are spayed and neutered.
2. Importance of Donating to Help Kittens and Puppies Receive Spaying and Neutering
Some people and shelters cannot afford to spayed or neuter kittens and puppies due to a lack of financial means. The best ways to help with the spayed and neutering process is to donate financial means to help get these procedures done. If you run a traveling spayed and neuter clinic maybe, donate some of your time and means to help aid in the process of spaying and neutering.
3. Importance of Working with Animal Control to Care for Homeless or Feral Cats in Your Local Area
Caring for homeless and feral cats or pups in your local area by not only providing them with food, water and some sort of shelter, but by providing the financial means to sprayed and neuter these fuzzy friends you can reduce the amount of stray pets and litters on the streets and in shelters. Maybe even consider adopting some of these homeless cats and dogs so they have a home and are off the streets, which can help prevent unnecessary litters during kitten and puppy season.

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