Educate Your Community about Backyard Breeding

February 17, 2015

Backyard breeding is a phrase used to describe human beings that breed animals in their backyards without a license to do so in order to earn a profit for them. This kind of breeding is not humane and causes pet overpopulation, which occurs from backyard breeders tossing unwanted animals they are unable to sell onto the streets. Educating others about backyard breeding can prevent the overpopulation of pets and help stop animals from being used in ways that are not humane. Animals are living beings that deserve proper respect, treatment and love as humans do.
How can educating your community about backyard breeding help animals?
Educating your community on backyard breeding can help animals by stopping the overpopulation of pets on the street and in shelters. It can also help prevent animals from being euthanized for no reason. Speaking about backyard breeding to provide an education to others on the topic can help prevent it from even occurring as well as teach people what to do if they suspect someone is doing backyard breeding in their local neighborhood to meet their own selfish purposes.
What should be done is backyard breeding is suspected?
Teaching people what to do about backyard breeding if it is suspected, is an outstanding way to catch and stop backyard breeders. If backyard breeding is suspected in your local area, it is wise to call animal patrol to help the animals being abused receive rescuing and eventually safety.
However, in some cases animals that are rescued from these situations have to be euthanized since they have serious behavioral or medicinal conditions that cannot be treated successfully in order for the animals to live healthy lives.
What are signs of backyard breeders?
Teaching people the signs of backyard breeders can also help prevent it from occurring. Some of the signs are:
1. Sudden Puppy Mills Opening
2. “Free to Good Home” ads in Local Newspapers
3. Selling of Kittens or Puppies on the Side of the Road or in Parking Lots
4. Receiving an Overwhelming Amount of Liters in Your Shelter from the Same Person
5. Someone Earning a Living from Dog Fights
End Notes for Educating the Community on Backyard Breeders
Educating your community through flyers and classes offered from a local shelter can help your community control and prevent backyard breeding from occurring. Without the knowledge of the topic, your community won’t be able to help stop this inhumane situation.

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