Save A Date With Some Furry Friends

February 10, 2015

Dates are not just for humans. Dates are for furry friends as well since after all, they do provide a kind of love that never dies. If you have some furry friends in your life that need a bit of tender love and care, it is time to schedule a date with them today. If you do not, it is time to make a date with some at your local shelter who could use a bit of extra loving. If you are wondering what types of things, you can do on your furry friend date the ideas below should help.
1) Dinner for Two
Dinner for two is not just for a romantic relationship between humans, it can also be for two pals wanting to spend time together such as with the furry kind. If your feline or canine loves meat, cook up some oven-roasted chicken for you and your pal and serve it up to them and yourself for a tasty dinner for two. Just make sure you add a side dish or two to yours.
2) Have a Play Date with Friends
If the furry pal in your life, loves playing with other kitties and doggies, make a play date with other pet owners who have kitties and doggies that love playing with their own kind as well. Play dates can be had at parks, pet friendly beaches, or simply at home indoors or in the backyard. Play dates help your furry pals have a bit of fun and help them get a bit of exercise.
3) Make a Trip to the Pet Store or Bakery
Taking your furry pal to the pet store or pet bakery in your local area is an amazing way to spend a date day or evening with your pet. This is especially true if your furry pal loves going for rides in the car or truck. Best of all, furry pals are always allowed to go with you to pet stores and bakeries specifically for pets to pick out new toys, bedding, food, treats and grooming supplies.
End Notes for Save a Date with Some Furry Friends
Again, if you don’t have furry friends, save a date to go spend some time with ones in the shelter that could use a bit of extra tender love and care. It will help you feel good and help the animals there feel good too.

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