How to treat frostbite on animals?

January 20, 2015

During the colder months of the year, it is wise to make sure your pets have proper shelters outside to get away from chilly breezes and storms of winter. It is also important too not leave them outside on days where temperatures are below zero. The reason why is because your furry pals can actually get frostbite on their paws, ears, tails and even noses. Once frostbite occurs in your pet, proper treatment is necessary immediately. Without proper treatment your pet whether it be a dog, cat, or rabbit could lose a limb or die from the frostbit area becoming infected.
What to do if you suspect your pet has frostbite?
If you suspect your pet has a frostbite area, which will appear as pale skin that eventually turns bright red and then black if not treated properly, you should immediately begin treating it. You treat frostbit patches of skin by running them under warm water or applying a wet warm compress. However, do not rub the skin since it will cause more damage.
As soon as you have completed that step, it is important to get them to your local vet or an emergency clinic immediately for further treatment. In severe cases of frostbite, or when frostbite is left untreated, amputation of a limb or part of your pet’s skin is necessary. In rare cases, pet’s can die from frostbite if exposed to the cold to long because just like humans, pets need to be kept warm too.
What are some precautions to take once your pet has suffered from frostbite?
Anytime your pet has suffered frostbite, even if the area has healed up properly, they will always be sensitive to the cold and susceptible to frostbite again. This is because they barrier that usually protect your pet’s skin has become damaged and is no longer able to protect it like it use too. This means, your pet won’t be able to stand in the cold as long as he or she might have been able to in the past. It is also wise to place some sort of protective covering over the sensitive area before the pet goes outside.
End Notes
The best way to prevent frostbite from happening to your pet is to always provide them with warm shelters on cold days and don’t allow them to stay outside too long when the temperatures are below normal.

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  1. Chrissy Layton Says:

    Aaaaw that’s heartbreaking. I have an indoor rabbit and he’s way too spoiled to spend a chilly day outside.

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