The Rewarding Benefits of Pet Adoption

December 18, 2014

Everyone knows someone with the perfect, purebred dog. The puppy that arrives with a certified family tree documenting all of its award winning ancestors. Yet, do these families really know where this dog came from? Are they aware of the health risks associated with over breeding among many popular breeds? The decision to purchase a dog or other pet from an animal breeder is a personal, yet important decision to consider seriously. It’s important to contemplate all the options before welcoming a new pet into your home.
When searching for the new addition to your family, consider looking towards your local animal shelter or animal welfare organization. This alternative of adoption brings many rewarding benefits not only to the adopted pet in need of a loving home, but also to you, its new family. These animal shelters are full of all breeds, sizes and types of animals searching for their forever homes. Many are mixes of several breeds, while others are left behind purebred breeds whose families didn’t have time for them. Others, sadly, are animals recovering from abuse and neglect, in desperate need of a loving family.
When deciding between adoption from an animal shelter and purchasing from a breeder keep the following pet adoption rewards in mind. Upon adopting an animal in need, you will enjoy an infinite amount of rewards. Your pet adoption:
• opposes puppy mills and other illegal breeders.
• provides new hope to an animal which had otherwise been forgotten.
• keeps one less animal on the streets, without a home.
• fights over breeding and its many associated health risks.
• welcomes a new loving member into your family.
• rehabilitates and protects a neglected or abused animal.
All pets deserve a loving home and family. As you search for your perfect pet, remember to visit your local shelters and consult with animal welfare organizations which can assist you in finding the perfect match for your family.

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