5 Signs A Dog Came From A Puppy Mill

December 11, 2014

People who operate puppy mills are often posing as legitimate breeders, but all too often they are irresponsibly breeding puppies in unhealthy conditions. Dogs sold by puppy mills are more likely to be sickly or have genetic disorders than dogs from reputable breeders. Here are 5 signs that may indicate your dog came from a puppy mill.
The Breeder Does Not Provide Information
A legitimate breeder will have extensive information on each puppy sold. Your breeder should be able to introduce you to your puppy’s parents and should invite you to see the location where the puppy was born.
Breeders who do not allow you to visit their facilities should raise your suspicion.
The Breeder Does Not Provide Vaccination Records
Puppy mill operators want to make as much money as possible and often don’t spend money on their dogs. In many cases, puppies are not vaccinated at all.
If your breeder cannot provide a vaccination record for your puppy, that is a sign that the breeder is running a puppy mill.
Your Puppy Was Offered at Less Than 8 Weeks Old
Responsible breeders don’t sell puppies younger than 8 weeks old. This is because the pups need to be with their mother and litter mates until that time. If your puppy was sold before 8 weeks, it’s a sign that the puppy was the product of a puppy mill.
Your Puppy Has a Bad Odor
Puppy mills often smell bad because of too many dogs occupying too small a space. If you bought a puppy that smelled like a kennel, you should suspect that your pup came from a puppy mill.
The Breeder Did Not Ask About You
Honest breeders care about the puppies they sell and want to make sure you have the proper environment for the dog. They are also interested in making sure that you have good intentions in raising the puppy and are planning to have the dog spayed or neutered.
Puppy mill operators don’t care what happens to the puppy, so they don’t ask questions.
Puppy mills contribute to sickness in dog and promote animal cruelty. If possible, avoid buying a puppy from one of these places. Instead opt for a legitimate breeder, or adopt a rescue or shelter dog.

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