15 Creative Ways To Be The Best Animal Shelter

November 25, 2014

Fifteen Creative Ways to Be the Best Animal Shelter
It is our responsibility to make the life of the animals around us pleasant by sheltering them. The following fifteen tips will help you set up the best animal shelter.
Foster the Animal
Occasionally, the shelter may be too small due to the increasing number of animals. In addition, fostering helps in rearing the young animals while teaching young kids on proper animal care.
Walking the Animal
Of course, animals need exercise, and walking them around once a week or during your free time will allow them playtime.
Share Adoption Profiles on Social Media
Social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest help in identifying the perfect foster family for the animal.
Animal Training
Before putting an animal for adoption, it is paramount to take it for obedience class. This makes the animal more adoptable.
Shelters do scores of writing, including, seasonal newsletter, advertise for upcoming events, donations, and grant applications.
Support Services
Most high profile people in the society are stepping up support on shelters. In a bid to support shelters, it is humane to seek the services of these individuals’ e.g. local artists and businesspersons that mind the welfare of animals in order to help your local shelters.
Animal shelters should be neat with no foul smell. Additionally, animals should also be healthy, clean, and well fed.
A good shelter offers volunteer opportunities this ensures that the animals are not abandoned in case one of the staff falls ill.
Extension Services
A good animal shelter will offer after adoption services such as treatment, vaccinations, pet insurance, and animal training.
Shelters can benefit massively from photographs particularly during rescues.
Rescue Home
Start your rescue home where pets can be located in case they are lost and found.
Throw a Party
Throwing a party while at the same time asking for shelter donations or gifts is a great way to have a fundraiser.
Transport the Animal
When putting up the animal for adoption, it is a great idea to drive the animal to its new foster home.
Make it legal
Animal shelters are in dire need of volunteers blessed with the expert legal experience. Therefore, review your copyright and join the animal legal defense fund.
Being a non-profit venture, a shelter’s records must be properly managed to meet the expenses of caring for the animals.

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