Fundraising Ideas for Winter

November 10, 2014

Raising money for animal welfare organizations in the winter may seem hard to you, but it can actually be done easily and sometimes even be loads of fun. Below are some ideas to help you get started.
1. Pet Treat Bake Sale: Hosting a pet treat bake sale for your furry pals inside a facility that is warm and welcoming such as a winter’s farmers market or sporting event where fundraisers are welcome can be a great way to raise the financial means you wish to donate to the animal welfare organization you choose too. Even hosting a bake sale full of sweet treats, people love eating, could work too.
2. Ice Skating Party: Do your or someone you know own a pond that freezes over well in the wintertime? If you do, you could host an ice-skating party where you request a small fee to participate in the event. Advertising in a local paper is important for ensuring people come and money is raise for the animal because you wish to donate too.
3. Animal Face Paintings: Raising money by doing face paintings at special events such as winter carnivals and festivals, or birthday parties can be fun and rewarding. Children and even adults love a good face painting once in awhile, but make sure the ones you offer are animal ones such as cats, dogs, tigers, birds, reptiles, bears, or fish. After all, you are raising money for an animal welfare organization. Make sure you keep the face painting fees reasonable such as ones between $5 and $7.
4. Host a Winter Dance: Hosting a winter event in your local town can be a sweet way to raise money for the animal welfare cause you are donating too. Make sure you choose a fun theme and charge a reasonable fee that people can afford. Make sure you also advertise the event weeks in advance to ensure a good turn out.
5. Winter Bonfire Party: Host a winter bonfire party and charge a small fee to get into it. Advertise well and say what kinds of fun will be had at the bonfire event such as smore making and storytelling. Be creative and have fun with this idea.
6. Hot Beverage Stand: Serve hot beverages such as coffees, teas, apple ciders and cocoas for a small fee at a stand at a certain event hosted in your local area.

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