Is Your Animal Shelter or Rescue on Amazon Smile to Receive Donations

October 30, 2014

Whether your animal rescue or shelter is being affected by funding cuts, lack of donations or an increase in animals to care for, you can shorten the financial gaps by registering your animal shelter or rescue on AmazonSmile. When shoppers visit AmazonSmile instead of the regular Amazon site address, 0.5 percent of their eligible purchases could be donated directly to your organization by the AmazonSmile Foundation.

Shoppers still get the great Amazon products they love. Your animal rescue or shelter receives donations. It’s a win-win situation, so sign up for an Amazon Smile account now!

Is My Shelter or Animal Rescue Eligible?

If your charitable organization is in the United States or the District of Columbia, you may register for Amazon Smile if you’re a 501(c)(3) and in good standing with the IRS. You must follow the Amazon Smile Participation Agreenment and be a public charitable organization. Learn more about eligibility here.
How are the Donations Received?

Your organization must receive the donations through electronic transfer. (However, if your organization is not set up for this, Amazon Smile will hold your donations in your account anyway.) Payments are deposited quarterly if donations are $5 or more. Donations less than $5 will be kept in your account until you reach the $5 payout amount in another quarter.
Register Your AmazonSmile Account
1. Search for your charitable organization either by name or EIN number. (Pick your correct organization as several organization may have a name like yours!)
2. Create an organization administrator account, then agree to the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement.
3. Verify your email address.
4. Submit your organization’s bank account information.
5. Upload a copy of a voided check or bank statement.

Instructions for Shoppers

• Visit AmazonSmile:
• Search for your pet rescue or shelter name.
• Shop and check out.

Get the Word Out

Announce your presence on the AmazonSmile site to the public. Amazon gives you a variety of marketing tools so you can easily place a notice in your newsletter, plaster a pre-made banner on your official website, or make an announcement on your social media accounts. Most offline marketing is prohibited, and there are certain restrictions for different states. Research more about specific marketing restrictions and rules here.
A little effort may be worth great rewards. Sign up for AmazonSmile so shoppers can have the option to donate to your organization day or night, seven days a week.

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