Halloween Safety Tips for Animals

October 28, 2014

Halloween is not just the holiday you should worry about keeping your children safe. It is also the holiday to worry about keeping your pets safe too. After all, your pets are part of the family.
Halloween Safety Tips for Pets
1. Treats of Candy: Taking your pet trick or treating with the children is perfectly okay, but feeding them candy is a big, NO! Chocolate can be fatally dangerous to our furry pals. Some candies containing xylitol, which is a natural sugar alcohol, can cause health issues for your pet such as hypoglycemia. Instead, carry small pet treats with you that are safe to give your four-legged pal if they desire a treat.
2. Walk Safety: Trick or treating in the dark can be unsafe. Cars on the road might not be able to see you. The best way to walk safely on a dark road is by placing a light reflecting vest onto your pet, or something that glows in the dark. This will allow passing cars to see clearly and slow down so accidents do not occur. It is also wise to walk with a flashlight with your children and pets on the side of the.
3. Costumes: Putting a costume on a pet is fun, but it should be avoided if your pet dislikes dressing up. It can cause unnecessary added stress when you are out walking around Halloween night.
4. Candle Lit Pumpkins: Spooky Jack-O‘-Lanterns you carve out are great holiday décor, but make sure you place them in an areas that are safe and away from pets. All it takes is a pet knocking it over, causing the candle to fly out of it causing possible burns to your pet or a fire.
5. Handing out Candy: Having your pets at the door while handing out trick or treat candy could be potentially harmful too the pet and guests. Some trick or treat kiddos may be afraid of your pet and swat causing unwanted nips or bites by your pet. Keep your pet safe and your special guests safe, by keeping your pet in a different room during trick or treating hours.
6. Identification Tags: Place name tags with your pet’s address onto your pet before going out with it on Halloween night. If your pet runs away from you by accident someone who finds it can return your loving friend back to you.

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