Educate Kids and Teens About Their Local Animal Shelters or Animal Resuce Organization

October 13, 2014

Your kids probably love animals, and just might bring a stray dog or cat home with them someday. It might follow them home and they may not know what to do. This will be an excellent time to educate your kids and teens about their local animal shelters or animal rescue organization. It will teach them a valuable life lesson.
Animals like dogs and cats are numerous, and may even outnumber humans in some areas. While many of them belong to loving homes, many of them aren’t so lucky. These animals will likely end up roaming the streets until they get picked up by animal control, follow your kids home, or (worst case scenario) get hit by a car. In the case of the two scenarios that keep these animals alive, these animals will likely end up at your local animal shelter.
Teaching your kids about their local animal shelter will serve to teach them about the realities of pet ownership and responsibilities. It will show them the importance of spaying and neutering pets so the dog and cat population is down. This will cause fewer shelter animals, which will cut back on otherwise crowded shelters. It will also show your kids a more humane means of getting pets, rather than buying one from a pet store, which often relies on puppy and kitten mills, which are often inhumane.
Your local animal shelter or animal rescue organization is always there for you when their services are needed. Whether you are dropping off a stray cat or dog, or you have decided to adopt an animal, these organizations have the animal’s best intentions in mind. Whatever the case may be, you should educate your kids about these wonderful organizations. You’ll be glad you did.

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