5 Ideas For Holiday Donations

October 8, 2014

Holidays are not just the time to give to people. It is also the time to give to local animal shelters to help provide them with the necessities they need to care for animals until they are adopted into loving homes as pets. One of the money common gifts giving to animal shelters throughout the holiday season is cash donations, but that doesn’t have to be what you donate this year to help keep a shelter thriving and caring for animals that need tender love and care. If your wondering what you could possibly donate to help your local animal shelter this holiday season view the list below.
#1 Pet Food
Throughout the year, animal shelters go through endless amounts of pet food to keep the animals well feed and nourished. One of the best donations you could give is pet food such as wet or dry cat or dog food and special animal treats. If your local animal shelter cares for small animals too such as bunnies, birds, and other small pocket animals, consider bring pet food tailored to these types of critters.
#2 Toys
Animals love to play too, which is why it is important to donate new critter toys to your local shelter as well. Simply go to your local pet supply shop and fill up a small basket or shopping cart with some neat toys that could make some animals very happy.
#3 Beds & Blankets
Pet beds and blankets are some of the most comforting gifts to give sheltered animals. Animals need warm comfy things too. It helps them feel safe and snuggly.
#4 Litter
Cat litter is another useful necessity in a shelter. Animal shelters go through so much cat litter in a year to help provide a clean place for those furry whiskered friends to go potty. You may not think this would be a helpful donation, but shelters would be more than thankful for this donation.
#5 Leashes, Collars, Pet Grooming Supplies and Crates
Leashes, collars and pet crates can be helpful too. Necessities such as this helps the animals in the shelter travel safely whether it be in a car or out for a walk on a nice beautiful day. Even pet grooming supplies can help greatly too. It can help the volunteers are the shelter keep the animals looking their best so they have a better chance at finding loving homes.

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