Hoilday Fundraising Season Is Here!

October 1, 2014

The holidays are almost upon us and this is a time for animal shelter fundraisers to start. Many people are interested in increasing their giving over the holidays, as well as making donations in a loved one’s name. You’ll want to take advantage of creative ideas to help bring in some extra donations.
Host a holiday party with a twist – invite everyone to come and bring their dog. Make sure there are plenty of treats for both people and pets. Ask everyone to make a donation when they arrive at the location. Consider offering a silent auction where you can raise additional funds, or having a raffle for some type of pet products and services. Examples include a visit to a local groomer or an expensive pet bed.
Set aside a day when people can have their pets’ and kids’ portraits taken with Santa Claus. This is a better alternative to going to the mall, where pets are not typically welcome. Make sure the portrait area looks festive so that the pictures look great. Offer the portraits in different sizes and formats, such as online slideshows and holiday cards. One of the advantages of this option is that anyone who comes to visit Santa with their kids might get ideas about finding a new addition to their family.
Have a pet-themed craft fundraiser. Chances are that some of your shelter’s staff, volunteers and donors have craft skills. This is one of the more effective animal shelter fundraisers because everyone looks forward to the possibility of being able to buy handcrafted items as gifts. You might even consider allowing people to place orders through your shelter’s Facebook page.
If local merchants do a holiday open house event, consider setting up a table or booth where you can serve concessions. Hot apple cider, cocoa and cookies are great choices. In situations where pets are allowed in outdoor areas, consider offering some dog treats as an option.
Put together and sell holiday baskets for pet owners. This might contain treats, grooming aids, toys and whatever else you think is useful. You might also combine items for pets with holiday treats for the owners to enjoy, such as candy, pastries, cheese or sausage.

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