Black Cat Awareness For October

October 1, 2014

Halloween is fast approaching. This a time when adults and children alike look forward to Halloween parties, donning ghoulish costumes and trick-or-treating. It is not, however, a happy time if you are a black cat. Black cats have long been associated with witches, either being depicted as their familiars or suspected of being witches who have shape-shifted into the form of a cat. It is this association with magic and the occult that has made them a target of some unsavory practices.
There have been a number of rumors, over the past few years, about black cats being used in satanic or other occult rituals. Many say that these are urban legends, but animal sacrifices are something that many law enforcement officers encounter on an ongoing basis, year-round. There is no proof that there is an increase in these sacrifices during the Halloween period, but given the mood and significance of this celebration animal shelters feel it is wise to be more cautious.
What is more disturbing is the number of people who adopt black cats before Halloween to be used as a house or party decoration, only to return them to the shelter some days after the holiday. With this in mind and the potential for the abuse and torture of these animals, many animal shelters choose not to put black cats up for adoption during the month of October. As an alternative plan, some shelters opt to allow cats adopted during the month of October to only be taken, by their new owners, at the beginning of November.
Owners too, are advised to keep their cats – of any color – indoors during Halloween. This is not so much because of the potential for their cat to be stolen, but because of the general increase in noise and bustle generated by groups of children wandering the streets. There is the potential for more highly strung cats to be frightened by the commotion and trick-or-treaters arriving continuously at the door. Owners would be wise to keep their cat or cats confined to a quieter part of the house for the evening.

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