Why Get The Community Involved In Your Animal Shelter?

September 4, 2014

Animal shelters have recently achieved growing popularity among not only animal lovers, but also pet owners and those simply looking for volunteer opportunities. The truth is that animal shelters are not only a source of stability for lost/stray animals, but they encompass the community in a humane act of kindness in a field with limited resources. Not only does added involvement from the community benefit the furry friends residing within the shelters, but your time and commitment can aid such shelters in maintaining functionality during high stressed times of limited space and escalating needs.

Community engagement can significantly alter the reputation of an animal shelter by inviting the community to become familiar with the staff working at the shelter and animals living within the shelter. Not only does this create a sense of family, but it allows members of the community to understand the trials and tribulations, as well as the rewarding experiences, associated with working in an animal shelter. Such individuals are often times more pressed to donate time, if nothing else, to these charitable causes. The more assistance that can be acquired, the better the chance that these furry friends will have in not only surviving, but in gaining a “forever” home. It has become increasingly difficult to rally volunteers for such locations, which only presses the urgency of finding additional help by way of community engagement. This is the ideal opportunity for those teenagers looking for experience with animals. Additionally, community engagement educates members of the community on options available for lost-stray animals. This not only keep reproduction of stray animals low, but it allows strays the opportunity to thrive in a safe environment.
While animal shelters are located in nearly every major and minor city throughout the nation, they continue to be under-assisted. Becoming familiar with you community should significantly increase the likelihood of acquiring physical help, monetary donations, and a wider acknowledgement for the work that is conducted.

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