How To Hanld A Sick Or Injured Animal

August 21, 2014

What do you do when you find an injured wild or domesticated animal? First thing is…try to determine how hurt it is. If it appears to be able to be helped, approach with caution. Both wild and domesticated animals have the tendency to bite as a natural reaction. If need be, call your local animal control, but if you try to help a hurt animal here are some important facts:
1. Do not try to lift the injured animal until you are positive you can do so without risk to yourself or the animal;
2. If you have gloves, wear them, as it is unknown what the animal might have been exposed to or has contracted;
3. Always keep an injured animal at a safe distance from your face and eyes;
4. Call for help when necessary, especially when you know you are in danger of traffic or other risky sites;
5. Do not try to release an animal from a trap as this poses danger to both you and the animal.
Here are some helpful hints when you know you have found a domesticated cat or dog that has been injured:
• Use a towel to muzzle a dog’s mouth to avoid biting
• Use a towel or other available cloth to wrap a cat gently as a means of restraint
• Call the local veterinary clinic, rescue, humane society or emergency vet clinic for assistance
If necessary and in a rural area, call the police as they can guide you in the right direction.
These helpful basic guidelines can help you in your rescue efforts to save an animal’s life. They are also imperative in keeping you safe from dangerous situations. For more information, please contact the Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program, AWOIP.

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