How Photos Can Make Or Break A Shelter Animal

August 12, 2014

As a nonprofit animal welfare company, you know that every choice you make for your business affects every animal. The reason that you are there is to find these little guys good homes. One of the first ways that your clients get to see the cats and dogs is through their pictures. Photos can make or break a shelter animal. Especially in our current selfie obsessed times, a good photo will help lead to a speedy placement for a lucky animal.
The photos of your animals represent your nonprofit animal welfare company. These help to make up a large part of your web presence. Not only will potential pet owners be looking at these photos, but so will potential investors in your company. We understand that you need proper representation. Good photos show the care you give your pets, the variety of animals you care for and the personality of your brand. A good collection of animal images can make a shelter and shelter animals.
Bring out the personality of a potential pet. For instance, if an active family is looking for a dog they may be drawn to pictures of dogs who look lively, look like they will enjoy going outside and look like they will be good with kids. For this type of dog, an action shot or outdoor shot may be the perfect thing. Staging the photos properly will not take long and can help make the connection between pet and person.
There are some steps which should be taken with every animal you photograph:
• Use natural lighting to avoid flash which can give an animal red-eye.
• Get a picture with the pet looking directly at the camera. The eyes can be a window into pet personality.
• Take pictures down on the level of your pet.
• Close up shots show the face and the quality of a pet’s hair.
• Take time to set up and then invite the pet into the area so they don’t get fidgety and run away.
Good photos will draw in potential pet owners. When scrolling through your website, an animal with clear eyes, personality and detail can make an adoption happen. You care about every pet who comes your way. Show this care by taking the time to capture that perfect photo.
To learn more about protecting your business and helping to grow a nonprofit animal welfare company, contact our team today!

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