5 Tips Why Dogs Are Require A License

August 4, 2014

Caring for a dog has many responsibilities and in many states, getting a dog license is a requirement. The license is a tool to protect the dog, the legal protection for the owner, as well as anyone who may encounter a dog. These are five explanations for why dogs require a license.

It’s the Law: States and Counties use the dog license law for several different but helpful reasons. These locations like to be able to keep track of the number of dogs owned in their area to keep an eye on the dog population, as well as the dog species population. Also, dogs require these licenses because they help to keep a record of other legal requirements of the dog. Dog owners are usually given about four weeks from the first day of ownership of the dog to get a license for their dog.

Proof of Vaccination: With all of the vaccinations legally required for dogs, the tag from the license will show proof of each one.

Proof of Ownership: Dogs occasionally get loose and stray away from their owner. The license tag has all of the necessary information to care for the dog as well as get in touch with the dog’s owner. Information like this can become very helpful if the dog has not been micro-chipped.

The Dog and Dog Owner’s Protection: If the dog is to bite someone or another person’s pet, the tag lists the dates of each shot that the dog was vaccinated. They will know immediately if it is necessary to seek medical attention for a vaccination for themselves, and may be used as evidence if it turns into a legal situation.
Proof of Spayed or Neutered Dog: In almost every state, it is a law to have a dog spayed or neutered. The license keeps track of this to help with keeping the dog population at a controllable rate.
The reasons can go on and on for days explaining why the dog requires a license, but if it is the law, make sure to get it done by the required date.

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