8 Fun Fundraising Ideas for your Animal Rescue Shelter

July 18, 2014

It is getting harder for animal rescue shelters to keep an inflow of money to continue doing the noble job that they are involved in. However, when an animal rescue shelter involves and engages the local community for support and fundraising, adoption events can turn into a grand success.

Making fundraising fun and innovative is a good way to generate excitement among volunteer, staff members and the local community. Here are some fundraising ideas that you can use for your animal rescue shelter.

1. Animal Art Exhibition
Get local artists to create animal-related art and volunteer to exhibit them at the shelter. Get the artists to price their artwork reasonably and also negotiate with them to donate a part of their money to the shelter.

2. A Dog Wash
Distribute flyers in the neighborhood announcing a cheap dog wash for all dogs. It is a good way to engage dog lovers and get the community together in a fun and festive setting. Even encourage dog lovers to participate in helping you wash and groom the dogs that come to your shelter.

3. Dog or Cat Walks
This type of fundraiser is a fun and exciting way to generate money for your animal shelter. It looks to bring animal lovers and their dogs or cats together, so that they can socialize, exercise and also enjoy a few goodies. Make the dog walk more exciting by getting local stores and shops to donate prizes for raffle draw and contests.

4. Bark Sale
We all know pet owners live to spoil their pets. So hold a bake sale for dogs and their owners at your shelter. Make sure there are treats for humans and pooches, so that people can buy what they want. You have the option of baking the goodies yourself with the help of your staff and volunteers or you could ask the local bakeries and cake shops to donate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and muffins.

5. Beauty Contest for Adopted Pets
Host a beauty contest for pet owners, who have adopted pets from your shelter. Charge a nominal entrance fee for participants and use this money for the programs that you run at the shelter. Also, have a counter for food and beverages, so that you can rake in more money during the contest. Get some judges to judge the animals on a makeshift catwalk. Then charge the winners a nominal amount to get their photographs taken.

6. Pet Supply Drive
Make banners to hang in different parts of the town to inform the local community you are looking for treats, pet food, grooming products, new pet toys, blankets, baskets and other items for the animals living at your shelter. Place bins outside your shelter, that encourages animal lovers to drop the items. If you want, you also can sell these items at your shelter to generate revenue for the shelter.

7. Host a Themed Party
Host a theme party at your animal shelter for pet owners, animal lovers and others. Make sure you sell tickets to the party in advance. Price these tickets reasonably and also have tickets available at the door for last minute guests. The door tickets should be slightly more expensive. Have costume contest for pets and their owners, stalls for food and beverages and other fun activities to keep guests entertained throughout the party. If it is the festive season, decorate the shelter and garden appropriately.

8. Have an Auction
Have an auction at the shelter for things, such as pet supplies, free microchip for a pet, pet grooming services and a week’s dog walk for one lucky pooch. Make sure you involve the local businesses in this auction, so that you can avail their services for free. Most businesses will not have a problem, as they will view it as publicity.


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