Work Together How Animal Shelters & Animal Control Can

July 16, 2014

Animal neglect and abuse is an unfortunate reality. In their line of duty, animal control workers often see unspeakable cruelties perpetuated on innocent animals. These animals, through no fault of their own, are victims of neglect and abuse at the hands of owners whose moral duty is to love and care for them. Although it is a disturbing thought for animal lovers, some pet owners do not love and care for their pets the way they should. This often ends up with animal control being called to rescue these precious, innocent creatures. Animal shelters and animal control can work together in the following ways to find new homes and proper medical care.
• Animal control can take abused pets to an animal shelter to receive proper medical care and rest before they are adopted out.
• Animal shelters can set up an anonymous abuse hotline that concerned pet lovers can call to report animal cruelty. Animal control can then investigate the abuse claim, and remove the pet if necessary.
• Animal shelters or facilities that treat the abused pets can document the extent of the pet’s injuries so that animal control can pursue criminal charges against abusers.
Our precious pets are unable to speak for themselves, but shelters and animal control can work together to ensure that they are not without a voice. If you suspect abuse, please do your part by contacting the appropriate agency. Every pet is entitled to live free from fear and abuse.


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