Where to Find Animal Shelter Volunteers

July 12, 2014

Animal shelter volunteers are some of the most patient, reliable, and capable people around when it comes to taking care of both pets and wild creatures… in fact, many of them will stay long hours or go very far out of their way any time it’s needed, but how can you actually find these people?
One of the best ways to find volunteers is by networking and asking around – but it’s very important to have as wide of an impact as you can. Consider some of the following ways to find (and talk to) people who like animals:
• Pet Shows: If there’s a local showing of pets, then most of the people who attend will be the sort who love animals. Partial sponsorship of the show is a great way to make sure everyone hears about your need – but if you can’t (or don’t want to) pay, most shows will still let you set up a booth and talk to people.
• Pet Stores: Many pet stores are happy to partner with animal shelters in order to find good homes for the animals in question – after all, more pet owners means more business! However, shelters can also use this opportunity to post notices and let people know that they could make a difference as a volunteer.
• Social Media: Many animal shelter volunteers are the “friend of a friend” that someone close to you already knows – and social media is a great outreach tool. The best way to find volunteers through this method is to invite people to some kind of shelter-related event and, while they’re there, invite them to help out a few times. Some people will be more than willing to come back again and again.
As you can see, there are many ways to connect with people and find animal shelter volunteers. Every gathering of animal enthusiasts offers the chance to be seen, be heard, and find people who have the time and passion to volunteer at your animal shelter.
Finally, be sure to ask everyone you know if there are any teens who’d like to get involved with animals. They may not have the same level of experience as older volunteers, but very few teens are anything less than completely motivated while they’re still with you, and one or two new faces every year can provide a steady stream of willing talent.


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