What is the Difference between Animal Shelters and Animal Rescues

June 17, 2014

Many people are confused when it comes to animal shelters and animal rescues. While they are similar, there are also differences between the two.

Animal shelters are a place where people can take their animals when they can no longer care for them. Most animal shelters are funded either by the state or the government. These agencies help to pay for the building where the animals are housed, their food and water, and their day to day care as well as care by a licensed veterinarian. Most animal shelters will take in all animals that come to their door. Some shelters even have a drop area to leave animals when there are no staff on duty to check the animal in. Because most animal are accepted at shelters, the amount of animals that are up for adoption is great. Families who are looking for a new family pet have a wide variety of pets to choose from. The adoption process at shelters is usually very quick and easy. In many cases, families looking for a new pet can go home with the pet the very same day. Animal shelter are also the place that lost animals are taken to wait for their owners to come and claim them.

There are two types of shelters, no kill shelters and kill shelters. No kill shelters do not euthanize animals regardless of the amount of animals already in the shelter. A kill shelter will allow an animal to stay at the shelter for a specific period of time. If the animal was not adopted during that period, they will be euthanized in order to keep the population in the shelter down.

Animal rescues are more like foster homes for pets. Typically, animal rescues cater to specific breeds of dogs. Many dogs who are in animal rescues have problems. Some have been taken from abusive homes and have behavior problems, while others have medical problems or are very old. Because animal rescues house animals with problems, the adoption process is much more difficult. Most rescues require a long application process and require home visits so that they can see the environment where the animal will be living. The animal rescue needs to be sure that the animal will be happy and thrive in the environment in which they are placed. Also, all animal rescues are no kill rescues. If a pet does not get adopted, he will live out his days with the other animals at the rescue.

If you are looking for a pet, checking out both your local animal shelter and rescue is a good idea. Between the two, you are bound to find your new best friend.

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