5 Steps to Prevent Animal Obesity In Cats

June 15, 2014

Obesity can be a problem with animals as much as it can be with humans. After all, many house pets have a tendency to eat, sleep and lay around, so animal obesity is quite common. This can lead to many health problems, and often an early death for the pets. For cats, there are many ways excessive weight gain can be prevented. Here are 5 steps to prevent animal obesity in cats.

1. Buy Special Cat Food.

There are numerous choices of cat food on the market, and they all serve different needs. For cats with weight problems, there are many choices. There is special diet cat food available that will help regulate a cat’s weight. Also, for strictly indoor cats, there are indoor formulas available by most major brands of pet foods.

2. Play With Your Cat.

While its true that cats sleep a lot, they also have their feisty, playful sides. Most of the time though, they are just waiting to be brought out by you. Buying some cat toys like a laser pointer, and any variation of a string on a stick will get your cat moving. This will ensure your fat cat will shed a few pounds.

3. Let Your Cat Outside.

You may be too busy to play with your cat, but there is a whole world out there for your kitty to explore. When you let your cat outside, they can run and play all they want, which is an excellent source of exercise. Of course, your location may not be ideal for your cat, so proceed with caution. Its also wise to put some flea medication, or at least a flea collar on them before letting them outside.

4. Don’t Feed Them People Food.

Some people may feed their cat table scraps, and this is bad for several reasons. Not only does it teach them bad habits, but it could be making them fat. You should discourage this behavior at all costs, as it will improve the quality of life for both you and your pet.

5. Take Them To The Vet.

Its possible you’re doing everything right in taking care of your cat, but its still obese. If you’ve tried everything but still have no results, the reasons for your cat’s weight gain could be beyond your control. Consulting your local veterinarian can give you some answers, as well as treatment options.

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