The Importance of Primate Insurance

February 25, 2014

Today, many people in the United States keep monkeys/primates as pet. It is not about owning an exotic pet, but about making a cute and cuddly wild animal a part of their lives. There are many challenges to owning a monkey as a pet and you should get into it only if you can assume the huge responsibility of looking a temperamental wild animal. This is why you need to seriously consider primate insurance. In fact, in many States across the U.S. where owning a non-human primate pet is not banned, it is mandatory for pet owners to have liability insurance. This insurance protects the primate owner as well as the third party should the monkey go berserk and bite anyone.

Importance-of Primate-Insurance

When monkeys are babies, they are extremely sweet natured and loving. However, they undergo a dramatic change in their personality the moment they hit sexual maturity. Usually, this occurs when the monkey reaches the age of four. You will notice your monkey flying into a rage for no reason. As an owner, you would have to be extremely sensitive to the moods of your monkey, as it is capable of biting even you, its primary caretaker, without a warning.

Biting is a part of a primate’s social interaction. In the wild, when a monkey is bitten by another monkey from the troop, the wound heals quickly. Biting is inherent to a primate and will continue even if you have nurtured the monkey from infancy. So, the chances are high, your pet monkey could bite you, your family members or even friends. The last thing you want is being held liable for this behavior.

Furthermore, looking after a monkey is expensive. It has special healthcare needs, such as checking for tuberculosis, diabetes and herpes B. If your primate falls ill, you would need the services of a veterinarian, who specializes in treating primates. And, this service does not come cheap. Sometimes, the vet may also recommend certain specialized treatments, which can work out to be extremely expensive. Your primate insurance will cover the cost of treating your monkey.


Primate insurance is just what you need to protect yourself and your pet. A liability insurance will protect you from financial disaster should your primate bite someone, while a primate insurance will help you take the best care of your monkey should it suffer from an illness or disease.

Remember, it is important to buy your primate insurance from a pet insurance provider, who understands the ins and outs of owning and looking after a non-human primate pet. This is easier said than done. That is why you should look closely at the Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program. This program understands the need for insuring a monkey and offers some of the best terms and conditions. You also can apply for a quote online, making it extremely convenient for primate owners.

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