Why Are Associations Beneficial for Animal Shelters?

February 24, 2014

It is important for a local community to have a proper urban animal management plan in place. However, with budget cuts, it has become more difficult for communities to sustain their urban animal management plans. This is where animal shelters come in. These shelters provide a roof to abandoned pets and try and find them new homes.


Most animal shelters operate on donations and funding. Unfortunately, the way the economy is performing animal shelters are finding it hard to make ends meet. This means that these shelters either have shut shop or reduce the efforts they are putting into rescuing unwanted pets and finding homes for them. This is having a profound effect not just on the shelters, but also the communities they operate in.

Associations that work with animal shelters understand the daily needs and requirements of these shelters. As a result, they usually are on the same page and can prove to be extremely important for animal shelters. If you run an animal shelter, it is in your interest to become members of such associations.

Membership of associations that work with animal shelters ensures you have access to experts in the field of insurance, funding and adoption amongst others. You can tap on their knowledge and resources and make sure your shelter stays open and provides high level of care to animals. As a result, your animal shelter will be equipped to handle the overall wellbeing of the animals and also be in a position to properly handle and manage volunteer accidents or run adoption events.


Your animal shelter must not disregard associations, especially those that work with insurance providers that offer insurance policies suited for animal shelters. Typically, when budget cuts are enforced, insurance is one of the first things to get the axe. However, you should realize that insurance for your animal shelter is not an expense. Rather, it is an investment and will help you in difficult-times. Without insurance, you will find the going tough and could also prove to be extremely costly for your shelter.

Associations also hold events, seminars and conferences and attending these would allow you to network and meet people who could in the long-run prove to be assets for your shelter.

An animal shelter will be lost without associations, especially when donations and funding reduce or disappear altogether. So, if you run an animal-shelter, do not disregard association-memberships.

Your shelter will truly benefit from it and will be able to do what it does  best- offer a safe haven to animals and pets and ensure the local community learns the importance of innovative pet management.

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