Increase Attendance at Fundraisers

February 6, 2014

Many organizations, such as animal welfare organizations, choose to host fundraisers as ways to raise money, as well as as awareness for a cause. None of this is possible however unless you can attract people to your event and bring them through the doors. One of the most essential parts of any successful fundraisers is promotion- this can be done in many ways. Strategic marketing well before the date of the event is the best way to increase attendance and awareness of your fundraiser and ensure success for the event overall.

5 Steps to Attract People to Your Fundraiser and Increase Attendance Rates:

  1. Utilize Social Media- Social media is a fantastic way to promote your event long before the day of the fundraiser. By creating unique hashtags you can get prospective audience members excited about the event and more likely to share the details of the fundraiser with their friends.
  2. Include Speakers That Attract Local and Non-Local Audiences- Fill your speaker roster with local and non-local speakers who are passionate about the cause and who are likely to bring in a crowd. Try to sign up reliable speakers who have a track record of showing up and speaking well in front of large crowds.
  3. Have a Theme- Most events that have themes, such as costume events, masquerade balls, etc. tend to attract higher numbers of people than events that lack any theme at all. Try to link your theme to your cause in some way and keep it fun. This will attract those passionate about what you are doing, but will also likely lead attendees to bring friends who otherwise might not come.
  4. Have Fun- Don’t just line your roster with speaker after speaker talking about why the cause is important. Even those passionate are prone to fall asleep or leave midway during this type of event. Include raffles, music, giveaways and more. Remember to keep the event fun and lively so that people are prone to stay the whole time.
  5. Utilize the Radio, TV, and Internet for Interviews Before the Event- Try to schedule as many interviews as possible before the event- especially the week or two right before the fundraiser is scheduled to occur. This is the best time to market your event via press releases, interviews, news articles and more. If anyone has any questions about the event, always be ready and willing to answer them.

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