5 Tips for The Grant Application Process

January 30, 2014

More organizations are chasing grants for animal shelters which means the pot of money is growing smaller. It is absolutely essential to make a good and compelling application. Times are tough and in a difficult financial climate you must prepare your grant for animal shelters careful. Below are five tips for the grant application process:

1. Have a good match

Make sure you are making an application for the right grants for animal shelters. Applying for every grant there is will not allow you to focus on the grants you have a realistic chance of securing. Make sure you have a strong match. Check the criteria carefully

2. Get help

Don’t do it all the work on your own. Involve your colleagues and stakeholder in the application process. It is important when applying for grants for animal shelters to draw as much knowledge as you can to strengthen your application and share the workload. Your trustees may have some really good ideas about finance and strategy and your volunteers have up to date on the ground knowledge which may be invaluable to your grant application.

3. Check the application process and deadlines

It is common for grants for animal shelters to be submitted late. It is important to be timely in your application submission. Applications should be prepared and submitted before the deadline date to be sure it arrives in good time. This will include all the supplementary information and anything you need to enclose to support the application. If you submit early it will save you time and problems later and increase your chances of being successful.

4. Researching the right grants specific for animal shelters

There are thousands of grants out there and it is vital to do the necessary research to pin point the grants that you are likely to have the most success if you were to apply for them. Look for things that might disqualify an application from your organization. Each and every grant will have a ridged set of rules and criteria for applicants. Unless you match these rules precisely your chances of securing funding aren’t that strong. You will need to focus on your best chances.

5. Don’t be deterred

Initial failure isn’t necessarily a sleight on your application or organization. There are grants for animal shelters available and it is important to apply for all the grants that fit your organizations criteria.

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