Where Can I Find New Board Members?

January 29, 2014

The best place to find members for your new Board of Directors is among your founders.  Anyone who helped you find a location, secure funding, or helped with marketing campaigns deserves first consideration for the Board .  These high-level volunteer best understand your animal welfare non-profit and how it runs.  They are the obvious first choices for the Board.

However, after being involved with funding and the initial set-up, many may feel burned out prefer to continue their work on lower-level volunteer duties or only as-needed.  This is understandable as a Board of Directors position is often very involved.

Consider recruiting your Board among the most dedicated volunteers who performed the grunt work—making calls, cleaning cages, etc.  They will likely be surprised and flattered that you thought them qualified.  Also, as they were not as involved in the founding activities of your organization, they may also see the opportunity as a promotion as opposed to an endless series of demands.

Many people who are qualified for the Board of Directors may not realize their own qualities.  If someone appears to be a good match for the Board, ask and explain what you believe they bring to the table.  Feeling flattered, he or she may just say yes!

It is good to have your Board be a mix of higher level and workhorse level volunteers.  This will make for a rounded membership which enhances the growth of your organization.

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