Where Can I Hold Adoption Events?

January 28, 2014

When running adoption events, you will need to first consider the following:

  • The atmosphere vs. the adoptable animals you feature.  A primarily outdoor event would be a great atmosphere for dogs but for cats.  Dogs enjoy the outdoors and will be at their best with potential adopters.  Cats are more fearful of change and if a cat gets loose at an outdoor event, you have a disaster on your hands.  Have animals match the atmosphere where you bring them.
  • Traffic.  Adoption volunteers will be spending quality time on adoption events and you want that time to be well-spent.  Find places where a good number of potential adopters will visit.  If you take your operation to a dog event when you deal primarily with cats, that may not be the best use of time.

With those considerations, the following make good venues for adoption events:

  • Dog Park Fairs.  Many dog parks host fundraising fairs and small competitions.  While it may seem counter intuitive to find new homes among an event where people have dogs already, you never know who may be grieving a loss or considering a companion for a single dog.
  • Pet Supply Stores.  Some pet supply stores refuse to sell dogs and cats, or any animals, for that matter.  Reward them and help them gain regular customers by introducing your organization and adoptable animals on Adoption Days held at their store sites.  These are great opportunities for cats as most stores have facilities for cages and if cats get loose, it is in a controlled area.  PetSmart is well-known for featuring various rescues at sponsored adoption events.
  • Pet Care Seminars.  Seminars for preventative care are becoming popular for pet owners or people considering pets.  Even if you do not get adoptive pet owners you may get monetary donations.  You could even run seminars alongside adoption events at your own shelter.
  • Fundraising Walks.  Fundraising walks for dogs and their owners are becoming being popular.  Have volunteers bring adoptable dogs to participate in the walk.  Maybe even have someone make special coats for the dogs that indicate they are available for adoption!

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