During the Holidays

November 5, 2013

During the holidays, you will probably worry more about your bank account receiving a beating or is it your pet getting poisoned? Both are important but the former will surfer more if your pet got poisoned. Worry not, because knowing pet poison prevention tips can come in handy during your holidays and, consequentially, save you a lot of money, heartaches, and hassle.

During holidays different types of food and possessions such as chewing gums, handbags, and decorations are ever a common sight. These things that rarely seem harmful can actually be lethal to dogs and cats. For instance, fruit cake contains raisins and currants; this can easily, if ingested by a dog, cause kidney failure. You wouldn’t want that for your pet, now would you?

Everyone prefers the best there is and I bet you are no exception. Getting your pet insured is the best way to go in helping curb poison related issues, even though getting the best there is can be a daunting task. But why remain undecided while the best option is within your reach? AWOIP (Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program) is one such reputable insurance organization that offers quality services and worth for your money.

Take action today for your animal and pet. For more on this, visit AWOIP and help save yourself sleepless nights.