5 Social Media Sites that can Help Animal Rescues

October 17, 2013

Animal rescue efforts cannot keep up with the number of animals needing help each day. To reach more people and spread the word about the growing need for funding and homes for animals, the networks by which word spreads need broadening. Social media remains popular with Facebook leading in popularity. Here you will find other social networking ideas to help garner interest in animal rescue efforts.


Tumblr allows members to post on any issue desired while including links to blogs, websites and YouTube. The website currently receives more the 80-million posts a day. Members post thoughts, interesting facts, videos and pictures. Gaining followers delivers more views of any website linked within.


NING sees more than 7-million users monthly. NING allows members to create their own social website for a monthly fee. They help build the website and help promote it, depending on the package chosen. With the ability to create a unique social website just for animal rescue, the potential for growth becomes larger. Through links provided in blogs at Veterinarian websites and other animal related websites, animal rescue will reach countless people.

Café Mom

MomCafe also hosts more than 7-million users every month. Members can join existing groups or create their own group to promote on the website. Working moms and stay-at-home moms use the website to share information and provide helpful tips on a variety of subjects. Animal rescue will gain followers on MomCafe when a group forms to promote the needs of animals.

Paws Hooves and Claws

New to the social media world, Paws Hooves and Claws offer a Facebook experience to animals and their owners. Through use of the group features, animal rescue will reach more people and do so in a forum specifically dedicated to animals. The website allows links to other web pages and websites for more views.


Petbook features a stray dog group devoted to animal rescues. However, the group only has five members so far. This site creates Facebook-like pages for pets and owners with social features like groups. The potential at Petbook to gain support from the public grows with the ability to write blogs and create interest on other sites, which will link to the stray dog group or a new animal rescue group.

Opportunities to gain support for animal rescue through social media expands with sites dedicated to pets and specific groups who share information daily.

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