Animal Shelter Insurance

October 14, 2013

Animal shelter insurance does not have to be a mystery. In fact, there are all types of coverage available for your animal shelter or agency. This includes property insurance, which protects your physical structure from fires, vandalism, and natural disasters. There is also insurance that secures proper restitution if your shelter gets robbed or burglarized. While animal shelters protect countless dogs and cats, one of the main issues at these venues revolves around bites and accidents. Whether you are a volunteer, employee, or visitor, there is always a chance of being bitten by a dog. Therefore, your center should have dog bite insurance available. This protects your shelter from lawsuits and other legal mishaps.

Sadly, too many animal shelters simply do not have insurance. This is due to a number of reasons, such as cost and affordability. Other centers believe they are too small and therefore do not require coverage. While animal shelters are philanthropic in nature, they are not exempt from lawsuits or other legal problems. A number of animal welfare directors and managers simply do not understand how animal shelter insurance works. While it’s true that animal insurance plans can be confusing, help is always available. Simply contact or visit AWOIP online today. They specialize in liability insurance for animal shelters, the SPCA, humane societies, and animal rescue agencies. With years of experience, these experts can discuss a range of insurance options that effectively meet your needs.

To secure timely and affordable animal shelter insurance, you have to carefully weigh your options and choices. While there are several types of coverage available, which form of insurance will benefit you and your workers? Since you are dealing with animals, you will definitely need insurance that protects your business from daily mishaps and accidents. This includes people falling and slipping due to animal urine and droppings, along with bites and scratches. Since all animals are checked for diseases and appropriately treated, there is no chance for anyone to acquire life threatening illnesses. Still, you need insurance that protects your center from faulty claims via customers or even in-house workers.

You can also purchase property insurance. This protects your entire shelter from internal and external problems. This includes car accidents, along with people falling due to cracks on the ground or surface. For more information on which insurance plan is right for you, visit or contact AWOIP online today.

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