How to use You Tube to increase Adoptions

October 9, 2013

You Tube has grown to be a huge website with no signs of slowing down. The videos are all user submitted, and quite a few of them are videos of their pets doing cute and silly things. A lot of these videos are popular and have acquired over millions of views. If you are in charge of an animal shelter and are looking to increase adoptions, making videos of the shelter animals may be in your best interest.

There are quite a few stars that have found their start on You Tube. Justin Beiber was discovered for his great singing talents from videos his mother submitted on the site, and now he is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Other talented people have rose to popularity, and make a respectable living from their user submitted videos. However, some of the biggest stars on the video sharing site are not even human.

Maru the cat is a Scottish Fold cat from Japan that has become famous for doing silly stuff like jumping in boxes. It may sound silly from an outsider’s perspective, but the cat’s videos get more hits than a lot of videos starring humans. Currently, Maru’s videos have been viewed over 200 million times. Fans of these videos fawn over his cuteness, and probably wish they had a cat like him. Your shelter may not have a Maru in it, but there are probably many great dogs and cats waiting to be discovered by prospective owners. Viewers of You Tube videos may be the target audience to find your animals forever homes.

Finding forever homes for the animals in your shelter is your ultimate goal, and You Tube could help you achieve it. Someone in your town may watch a video submitted by you featuring one of your animals, and may decide to adopt it. If you make several videos, and it only results in one adoption, you can call that a success. That may be one pet adoption you would not get otherwise. Make You Tube videos featuring your shelter animals today. You’ll be glad you did.


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